The Giants beat the Patriots 17-14. Because I generally like to root for the underdogs, this outcome pleases me and for some reason, feels like a good omen. The Big Bad Patriots got spanked; perhaps the same will be true of the Big Bad wolf that we know around here as Infertility and underdogs no more, Mia and Urs will get to take home a trophy or two at the end of the year. They made it here without any flight delays, which I was glad for because I think I would have either gone into cardiac arrest or thrown up from the anticipation of their arrival. Finally seeing them and hugging them felt like coming home. We are happy, and even more resolute in our feelings that we are a perfect match. Details to come later. Must. Get. Sleep.

1 thought on “Touchdown”

  1. Awww, I’m a Pats fan, hehe. It’s ok though, Pats fan or not, I like seeing the underdog win it. They fought for it and wanted it and the Pats let it slip, so, ya snooze ya lose.

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