The Short of It

There were far too many funnies and a few not-so-funnies from yesterday’s clinical marathon that I cannot give good justice to the day’s events with the little time that I have. On the whole, everything went well and are pleased to officially be on our way. So for now, here are the meat and potatoes and the gravy will have to come later:

Mia’s ultrasound revealed 6-7 resting follicles, which is average for a woman 37 years of age. Exact dates are dependent on when Mia’s cycle starts. If she begins today as is expected, I will start Lupron February 19 and she will begin a week later in Europe. Mia will return to the States on March 6 and will have her first appointment on the 7th. She will fly directly to the clinic’s city and will stay there through the stim phase versus staying here and making several long drives back and forth to the RE. Our RE has decided to take a slightly more aggressive approach than what was used with her last transfer, so she will be on 300 units of Follistim to start with. I will be on the same protocol that was used for my last transfer since I responded nicely to it, so for me it will be the Lupron, Vivelle patches, and ye olde progesterone in the buttocks. Urs will arrive a few days before retrieval. Our approximate transfer dates are March 24 for a 3-day transfer or March 26 for a 5-day transfer. The irony – Baby M’s birthday is March 26. It feels like a good omen to transfer on or around my surroson’s first birthday.