Today's top ten reasons…

of why my sucky day got infinitely better after I got home:

  1. Mia called a few minutes after I walked in the door with the great news that they were accepted into the clinic’s shared risk program. She also forwarded me a copy of our contract from the attorney and except for a few minor adjustments, it looks great.
  2. Kyra asked, "Do I look like you?" I said, "Yes, you look a lot like me in some ways, but I think you look more like Daddy." She tilted her head and pondered this for a moment then said, "I am you."A little while later I overheard her talking to the boys and with a wistful voice she said, "I liked the blue jello we had at lunch today. It tasted like the ocean."
  3. Jaiden just farted and the other four are laughing as if it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever heard. It probably is the funniest thing they’ve ever heard, or at least it will be until someone else farts.
  4. Jordan brought a tangle of red, yellow, and white pipe cleaners to me and explained that it was a he made it at school and it is a "hanger with a ball at the end". It totally looks like one, too.
  5. It occured to me that there are only 59 school days left until summer break.
  6. Kaelyn just got put in a time out because she thought she was slick and tried to sneak a Frito after I told her she couldn’t have any. She’s on the floor thrashing about and screaming, "Keeeeewaaaaa! Keeeeewaaaaa! Come SAVE me! Come SAVE me!" I think toddler temper tantrums are funny as hell (really) and there something heartwarming about the fact that she is yelling for her big sister to come rescue her from the evil, wicked Mommy Dearest.
  7. There is a cookies n’ cream chocolate cake to accompany the ice cream that I plan to inhale later.
  8. Praise be to all that is holy – it is almost 7:30 which means it is bedtime. I love my kids to pieces and I enjoy listening to them speak Japanese as I watch them play Ninja Warrior but PRAISEALLUJIA! it is bedtime.
  9. The pharmacy called and I will receive the rest of my meds by the end of the week. This time I have been prescribed PIO in ethyl oleate. I hope it is gentler on my backside than the PIO in sesame was. Even now, I still have darker patches of skin (permanent bruises?) shaped like Australia on one cheek and a heart on the other as a result of the PIO in sesame. Still, the thought of getting a boxful of needles excites me.
  10. Jaiden just farted and they’re all cracking up again – except in Japanese.