The Sex Test

“Good afternoon, Mrs. So-and-So. This is Mrs. B from X Middle School. I’m returning your phone call. I understand that you are concerned about a test the students have to take.”

WIth a livid tone, she replied, “Yes. Please explain to me why are you teaching sexual education in your Literature class?”

“Excuse me? Sexual educa-”

“I don’t remember signing any sort of parental consent for my child to participate in sexual education classes. What kind of classroom are you running?”

“Ma’am, I honestly don’t know what it is that you’re talking ab-”

“And why do they have to pass the test in order to pass Literature for the year? What the hell does sex ed have to do with Literature anyway?”

What!?! What is it that you’re talking about?”

“You told them that they have to pass the Intercourse Test, and that if they don’t pass it they stand a good chance of not passing your class for the entire year. What the hell do 8th graders need to know about intercourse?

“Ma’am. I am not teaching sexual education in my classroom. The students have to take an End of Course Test to assess whether or not they have mastered the educational standards for this year.”

“…Oh….” click!