Cheers and Jeers

I took my last BCP yesterday. YAY!

I’m bloated to all be damned. BOO!

Lupron is easy; I can give myself those teensy shots. YAY!

The Lupron is causing headaches from Hades. BOO!

On Friday I will have blood work, my baseline lining check, and start Vivelle. YAY!

I will be on my period when I get assaulted with the picture probe. BOO! (In my best ’80’s valley girl impression: I mean like, TOTALLY gross me out!)

Mia will be back in just 11 days! YAY!

I only have 11 days to get my house back to some semblance of company-ready order again. BOO!

The rest of my meds arrived today. YAY!

I felt my butt cheeks clench up when I looked at those giganto progesterone needles. BOO!

I flip between not wanting to eat anything at all…YAY (???)

…to wanting to eat everything in sight. BOO!
(Is it bad that I just ate a whole sleeve of Girl Scout cookies? They were Thin Mints. That totally should count for something.)