All Day Sucker


"Jordan, why are you out of the bed? I just tucked you in."

"I need some underwear."

"You didn’t put on underwear after you got out of the tub? You have on shorts, so just go to bed and in the morning you can put on some undies."

"As soon as I wake up, then you can give me some underwear to put on?"

"Yes, Jordan. Bed. Now."

"Okay, Mommy. But don’t forget that I will need underwear in the morning before I put my jeans on or else my butt will get too cold. Right, Mommy?"

"Absolutely right because nobody wants a frosty bum. Now go to bed. Pronto."

"Mommy, what does pronto mean? "

"It means that you’d better hurry up and go get your butt in the bed like I told you to. No more questions."

"Okay, Mommy. Mommy? Just one more thing. "


"I love you one hundred and I’m keeping you FOREVER!"

"….. Jordy-boy, you wanna climb in bed and watch TV and snuggle with me for a few minutes?"

2 thoughts on “All Day Sucker”

  1. Man, we are all such suckers! But doesn’t that cuddle feel ooooh sooo good? My oldest, T, is only 3 but last night at dinner he was having a sundae w/ maraschino cherries…he gets his love of cherries from me…I was teasing him and asked for it…he glanced down at it and handed it to me…I of course told him to eat it I was just teasing him, but I got all teary eyed and told him I’d buy him a new toy the next day…LOL kids are totally the best!
    P.S. my 8dp5dt beta was 167.1…now waiting on the official beta tomorrow.

  2. Awww, how sweet! With the right bat of the eyes and the right cheeky grin, I can almost get suckered into just about anything!
    That is a GREAT beta, girl! I’m betting twins. 🙂

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