It's National Coming Out Week

By "coming out" I don’t mean telling your families and friends that you’re gay or lesbian, although if you’d like to choose this week for that, then go right on ahead! When my sister steeled herself to come out to us it was entirely anticlimactic. She sat us all around the table for a formal family meeting, which usually is reserved for big news of Oh Shit!!! proportions. She sighed, took a deep breath, and in a gust of rushed words told us that she was a lesbian. And we all started at her. Then in unison we said, "And???" Nonplussed, she said, "Did you hear what I just said? I’m a lesbian!" Then we exhaled sighs of relief because we all thought she was about to tell us that she was pregnant again. "Is that it? Geez, Chanel, we knew you were a lesbian forever ago. Scare the shit out of us, why don’t you?" But I digress….

This week, I challenge all the lurkers to come out and say hi. Not just on my blog, but on any blog that you normally read but never comment on. I don’t get loads of traffic yet (and I might not ever), but I do like to take several peeks at SiteMeter and Feedburner to see who’s been dropping by each day. I’m always thrilled when repeat visitors or someone from a different country has found their way here and stayed to read about my dumbassishness for a while. Hey, New Orleans – how’s it going down there? You from Paris – voulez vous leave me a comment just to say hello, okay? Cuyahoga Falls, what’s crackin’? G’day to the two who stop in from Australian locales. Livingston, UK – how do you do? I always wonder about the people on the other end of the digital distance.

So, when you read your favorite bloggers this week, come out of lurkdom long enough to drop ’em a quick line. Coming out coming out isn’t necessary, but if you want to share, then hey, that’s good too. 

10 thoughts on “It's National Coming Out Week”

  1. Apparently I needed that “blog etiquette” lesson. I learn something new everyday. Just yesterday I learned that OSOMs ARE the name of a pregnancy test -lol! Thanks for being a great teacher.

  2. Hey, Kara!
    It’s fairly commonplace to do more lurking than active commenting on people’s blogs. I’ve dropped in on more than my fair share of blogs and not said a word. There are a few blogs I read for over a year before I made my first comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I already came out the “old fashioned” way 15 years ago…but today I will come out on your blog. I just found my way here…don’t recall which path I took, but I’ll be saving you in my favorites so as to make sure I can find you again and again. I’ve just read all of this blog, plus clicked on the links and done some other reading, and seen the pics of your gorgeous kiddies. I’m hooked, you have a wonderful sense of humor and a great writing style. I was having a bad morning, but am now smiling. You’ve warmed my heart! So greetings I send you from downunder – Melbourne Australia.

  4. Hi I’m Kenya and I’m a lurker. I’m officially coming out and introducing myself. Please feel free to check out my blog. We’re all one infertile family. Also you’re story was so funny.

  5. Hi Moxie, Its Kajewell form SMO!! I am coming out!! I have begun to read here faithfully, your too funny!

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