Things to Do When You Should Be Working

Usually we are herded into in-service staff development trainings or curriculum meetings on faculty workdays, but today the administrative powers that be have graciously given us an entire day to ourselves. There are a hundred things that I could be doing now, like grading the stack of 83 poetry books or cleaning off my desk (which is a disaster area), but did they really expect me to work when today’s "workday" schedule merely said "Work in classrooms"? Instead, I have set up shop in my friend’s room (doing nothing is always more fun when you do nothing with someone else) and have done these oh so work-related tasks:

  1. Added to my blogroll.
  2. Helped said friend start a blog of her own.
  3. Ate a few Thin Mints.
  4. Watched the news to keep an eye on the tornado warnings for the area. It might be a good idea to know if I should get in the hall to tuck my head between my knees and kiss my ass goodbye.
  5. Wrote this entry.
  6. Talked to Mia (who is back in the States as of last night) on the phone about her appointment this morning. Her period has not started yet today as anticipated but she feels that it won’t be too much longer before it does. She had her baseline appointment for this cycle this morning and she has a small cyst on one of her ovaries. The nurse coordinator doesn’t seem too concerned about it, but Dr. Sleepy will decide what steps to take once Mia’s P4 and e2 levels come back this afternoon. Hopefully this will not cause a too much of a delay in the grand scheme of things. After getting a bit of rest, Mia will make the 2.5 hour drive down and will stay with us until Tuesday evening. I cannot wait to see her again.
  7. Tended to my moderating duties on the SMO message boards.
  8. Who the heck ate all my cookies? Oh.
  9. Stared at other people’s positive pregnancy tests (I heart alliteration) and obsessed over beta charts. Why the do I feel compelled to do that? Perhaps it’s the Field of Dreams If you build it, he will come philosophy.
  10. Shopped around online for birthday gifts for my surrobaby Baby M and for the sweetie pie to whom I donated my breastmilk.
  11. Tried in vain to think of a snazzy poem for Lori’s Limerick Chick Contest. I have read so many of my students’ limericks that my brain seems to have lost all motivation to create them. Here is one written by a student that made me snort:

    There once was a man named Ted
    who sometimes scratches his head.
    But beware of his hair,
    it’s topped with underwear.
    But he had no wedgies instead.

Heck yeah. Mr. Principal Man just announced that we can leave 45 minutes early. I’m outtie. I can’t wait to get home after such a long, hard day at work.

5:05 pm update: Mia just called to inform that Dr. Sleepy said everything looks good with her levels. She’ll start stims Monday evening. Hellz yeah.  

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