Touched from the Heart of My Bottom

My surrobaby Baby M is almost one. Where did the past year go? Looking at him and knowing that I had something to do with those chubby cheeks being here makes my world so much fuller. Next weekend my family will go celebrate Baby M’s first birthday just a few days shy of my transfer. Something about celebrating his life just before trying to start another makes my heart sing with love, happiness, and hope. Spending time with the family I helped create will give me a positive focal point – an immovable target to visualize through the two week wait, representative of a surrogacy experience where everything has gone right from start to finish.

As I cycle for my upcoming transfer, I can’t help but reflect on the time spent cycling with Former IM two summers ago. This was Former IM and Former IF’s first IVF cycle so naturally, she was very nervous leading up to and throughout stims. In support of Former IM, I attended every follicle check even if I didn’t have an appointment of my own that day.  She called me every night after her shots to let me know that she had survived yet again. I laughed at Former IM’s comments as she discovered the holy production history of hCG and gagged down her pre-op magnesium oxide. She is terrified of needles, and even getting through the necessary rounds of blood work for screening was somewhat of an ordeal, albeit humerous. Needless to say, she was quite pleased that I would be the one to get weeks of giant progesterone shots to the derriere.

I had to do a mock cycle prior to cycling for the transfer. That round of PIO left me with a permanent bruise-like darkening of the skin on the right cheek that coincidentally looks like Australia. Extended use of PIO after pregnancy was acheived caused a bit of a reaction at one point. On the left side, one night’s PIO dose caused a painful, raised, reddish/purple bruise that was hot to the touch. It was as uncomfortable as it sounds, but I was oddly charmed because the bruise, which also is now permanent, is in the distinct shape of a heart.

Today I received this email from Former IM:

Hi Moxie,

I just wanted to send you a little note today to let you know I was thinking about you. First, God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I have always said, you are such a very special person and days like today I am reminded.
Well with all that said, I had to go to the doctor today " ’cause I is sick." LOL! Doc too one look   at my throat and said, "You need a shot – it’s baaaad. I quickly reminded him about cycling for Baby M (who was being held by Former IF in the room) and how I don’t do needles at all if I don’t have to!!!! HHHHHHHHHeLLLLLLLL NO!
"One small needle," which he promised to give himself. Uuuhhh, no. I got him to write three different prescriptions, instead. I appreciate you sooooooo very much and the little heart that is on your butt (thanks to those huge progesterone shots), because it represents the love you have in your heart for all of us who want a baby so much but can’t do it without people like you. You’re the greatest!
I hope everything goes well with Mia and that she gets the wonderul blessing you have given to me. I just wanted you to know how very special you are to me. I share our story with someone somewhere at least once a day.
Hope you and you family make it to the party – that means your mom, dad, and sisters, too. I don’t think I ever thanked them enough for their roles in our special gift.
                 Former IM
You bet your butt we’ll be there.

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  1. That is amazing! I can’t imagine trying to find the words to say thank you…she sure did! What a blessing to each other you guys are.

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