To Do List

A To Do list is created with the intent to help its’ writer remember tasks. I usually don’t write To Do lists because look at me – I wrote a list and just how great am I to be so responsible? I’m so shmooove and organized and…dang – where’d I put that damned list? To me, a To Do list is a purpuse just begging to be defeated. At any rate, here is my To Do list for today. I’m fairly sure that no matter how scatter-brained I am (I realized today in the middle of 3rd period that I have on one black sock and one navy blue one), I won’t manage to lose the Internet.

  1. Make copies of the students’ Holocaust group project guidelines.
  2. Read blogs (working on it).
  3. Curl Kyra’s hair and make sure Jaiden doesn’t have chocolate pudding on his face for tonight’s first grade program.
  4. Attend said program and snap photos like a madwoman.
  5. Clear the boogers from Kaelyn’s nose before I take her out in public. (Yes, I would leave the crusty suckers up there if we were staying home tonight.)
  6. Obsess over the new positives on the March transfer & insem list on SMO.
  7. Call the bank to clear up issue with the wire transfer being sent back to Mia & Urs’ account.
  8. Watch Space Camp.
  9. Watch "America’s Best Dance Crew".
  10. I’m three weeks into the no nookie phase and Frank is making google-eyes at me. I will ignore him.
  11. Continue crafting lesson about the other things Anne Frank wrote.
  12. Think good thoughts for Mia’s first follicle check tomorrow morning (ongoing).
  13. Track 2nd & 3rd 9 week quiz and test scores for two students’ IEP meetings.
  14. Stop nabbing blog topics from other people’s posts and think of my own damned topics.

2 thoughts on “To Do List”

  1. Hey, feel free to borrow as many topics as you like — as long as you let me do the same when I’m all out of ideas.

  2. Deal, Niobe. And thanks for your compliments on my last post. Coming from you, ye great one of profundity, it means a lot.

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