Chicks and Eggs



Coolness first – I’m a finalist in Lori’s Limerick Chick contest. Two other muy ha-ha limericks are up for the vote; click on the button in the sidebar or here to vote for your fave.

Next up – today’s follicle check. Mia has three measurable follicles on one side and eight on the other. At first Dr. Sleepy said she seemed to be stimming a bit slowly, but would wait on her blood work results for the final verdict. Her estrogen levels came back right on target, so he is holding her at 300 units of Follistim and she will have her next ultrasound Monday morning. Doc Sleepy said that everything is going well and it is better to stim slowly and steadily vs. rapidly and risking hyperstim.

Tomorrow morning I will have my lining check, then Frank and I will head out to Pleasantville to spend the weekend with Mia. Urs will arrive Tuesday night and hopefully, retrieval will be just a couple of days later.  Less than two weeks to go.