Letter to My Body part II

Dear Body,

Okay, so after consulting with Dr. Google and the kind folks at SMO, I realize now that maybe you’re not trying to screw me over after all, at least not yet. I will give credit where credit is due – thank you very much for growing a thick, plushy 11mm lining. I ‘preciate it. However, consider yourself on probation. I do not expect to see that fluid still hanging around in my uterus when we get to transfer, comprende? Progesterone is supposed to help out with that and starting Thursday you’re going to get two whopping shots per day of it. It also seems as though orgasms are supposed to help by getting the uterus to contract; I do not think you deserve the pleasure but my mind certainly does, and since we’re a team we might as well have a little fun while we try to fix this problem. Body, please refrain from sending me into near-cardiac arrest and Mind, no more nonsense nightmares about drowing embryos screaming for help in my flooded uterus.


4 thoughts on “Letter to My Body part II”

  1. wow things are beginning to sound interesting at your house…
    just wanted to say I think you are an angel. wishing all of you the best this cycle. ~luna

  2. I hope the fluid clears up quickly – do you know what causes it? You know, if orgasms might help to clear it up, well, I guess you’ll just have to do whatever it takes.

  3. Thanks so much for the support Luna, Elizabeth, and Ann. Yes, things have gotten quite…interesting at home, LOL!
    I think it will clear. I found out that several surrogates had the same thing happen and with most, it was gone by the time they got to transfer. With a few, the REs even drained it if there was some fluid remaining and then proceeded with the xfer. The estrogen is what causes it; as the nurse explained to me yesterday, sometimes the cm backs into the uterus instead of going down and out when there’s a lot of estrogen in the body. I think this is the first time I’ve actually been excited to start the PIO, since that’s what counteracts the estrogen! 🙂

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