Winding up to countdown

This morning Mia’s ultrasound showed 14 measurable follicles (woohoo!!!). The results of her blood work will determine when retrieval will be, which for now is tentatively scheduled for Thursday. I think I just  might pee my pants, and it’s getting a bit more difficult to keep my head in a fog of distraction so that I don’t spend my every waking hour obsessing about the transfer. More details to come later this evening.

WHAASSSSUUUP, folks from Niobeland! *cyber-waves around the Internet*

6 thoughts on “Winding up to countdown”

  1. Hi Moxie,
    I came over from Niobe’s blog. She’s right, great writing over here AND funny too. I’ll be following your journey, for sure.

  2. Hi Moxie,
    Followed through from your comment on my blog. Thanks for the well wishes. Your blog is great – what an amazing person you are!

  3. very exciting. so maybe you’ve written about this before, but what’s your protocol after transfer? just curious since I’ve heard everything from resume normal activity (just no heavy exercise) to bedrest for days… any secrets you can share?
    thanks so much for your well wishes also. very much appreciated! wishing you all the best for a smooth retrieval/fert/transfer in the next week… ~luna

  4. Luna, my post-transfer protocol is bedrest the day of and lazy couch potato the next day. I can return to work on the 3rd day. There’s a list of things I should avoid through the 2ww, such as no lifting more than 10 lbs, no heavy exercise, no heavy chores, etc. I’ve heard the gamut also. I can say that for my first transfer (chemical), the RE didn’t require any bedrest. I just had to take it easy and could have returned to work that same day had it not been summertime. I didn’t run laps but but didn’t do strict bedrest (stayed upright on the couch, walked to get my own meals/drinks, etc). For Baby M’s transfer, I stayed in the bed not flat but mostly inclined for a solid 48 hrs with only a 15 minute shower on day 2 and potty breaks throughout. I didn’t have to be that strict on day 2 but I tried to do everything opposite my first transfer, which of course was more of a mindgame on my part than any prescribed treatment. As you know, the transfer worked. Technically speaking I believe that if you’re not cage fighting or practicing your Olympic floor routine, your post-transfer activity has little to no bearing on whether it works or not. But I am a creature of habit (and mildly of superstition), so guess what I’ll be doing on the 2nd day past transfer? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Speaking of superstition, there is one in the surro-community that eating McDonald’s french fries right after transfer helps. My logical mind knows it’s a total crapshoot and if Mickey D’s held the mighty secret of fertility they’d be a whole lot richer than they were and super-sized fries most certainly wouldn’t be on the $1 menu, but umm…guess who ate french fries after the last transfer? Guess who’ll eat french fries after THIS transfer? It can’t hurt, I’ll be hungry anyway, so y’know…ba da ba ba baaaa, I’m lovin’ it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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