"Having the long-term assignment will be so different from the short 6-10 month jobs he’s had in the past two years. We’re so happy about that because we’re going to have a baby soon!" she said cheerfully, explaining that her husband’s next assignment as project manager for a church construction firm would allow them to stay in the same location for the next three years.

"Oh? Are you expecting?" I asked, sincerely pleased for her.

"Oh no, not yet! We haven’t even tried yet," she beamed, "but we’ll start after we move in June and I’ll be pregnant soon after that!"

My mind screamed at me to DO SOMETHING QUICK before the jinx she had just put on herself sunk in and caused irreparable damage. Sans holy water, a mystical amulet, or evil spirit-cleansing peyote, I smiled gently, said a quiet "Good luck" with barely a note of the sadness that I felt, and then thought a silent prayer that years later, she would not look back on that moment and think to herself how foolish she had been.

3 thoughts on “Hindsight”

  1. I was just disussing this exact same subject with a friend the other day — the way some people approach the idea of conception and pregnancy with such innocence. I miss that.

  2. That’s the same way I felt when my friend (who is an L&D nurse, for god’s sake) announced on New Year’s that they would start trying in July. And then followed up by saying that they would have to have sex a lot because her cycles had never been regular and she couldn’t predict ovulation.
    Our circle of friends is 3 to 2 in favor of infertility at this point, by the way.

  3. I remember those days of thinking getting pregnant would be so easy. Yes I have conceived 4 times and am blessed with three nearly-adult children. I’m not complaining. I marreid my high school sweetheart a year and a half ago and we thought tht, even at our age, we might be able to finally have a baby of our own. It hasn’t happened and we aren’t counting on it to. But it would be a nice surprise. We tried for a few months to do the charting, clomid thing and decided we would enjoy our time together and just see what GOD has planned. What hurts the most about this is when people tell me I would be crazy to have a baby at my age (42) and that I should probably be doing something toprevent it so I won’t end up with a baby with deformities or disablities. UGH! We don’t people just mind their own business?

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