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I had such fun with Lori’s Limerick Chick contest – big congratulations to niobe, by the way!!! – that in the heat of writing one of yesterday’s entries I somewhat spontaneously presented the IF blogging and surro-communities with a challenge. Read here for the long version. Read below for the copied and pasted short version:

A question from Luna and my response to her got me thinking – what do you do, either doctor-prescribed or critical-to-your-sanity-self-prescribed, before and after your transfer/IUI/insems/good old-fashioned baby-making whoopee to increase your chances of conception?

As for doctor-prescribed measures, how much bed rest, if at all, does your doctor recommend? What about activity limitations throughout the 2ww? This, of course, varies from doctor to doctor and the extremes run from no bed rest at all to strict bed rest for 3 or more days post transfer. Whether or not it makes any difference at all seems to be a matter of opinion more than fact.

What I’d really like to hear about are the quirky things you might do to feel as if you’ve made your body and mind as prepared as possible to allow conception. In other words, do you do anything that likely has little to no effect on your chance for a good outcome, but you do it anyway because you’d feel slightly off, unprepared, or not in the right frame of mind? Do you listen to a significant song every day? Wear your lucky socks to the RE’s office on the day of transfer or IUI? Meditate to encourage optimal alignment of your chakras? Use positive visualization? Light candles and practice deep breathing to have delicate, pastel-tinted auras? Eat weird things because you once heard somewhere that someone’s friend’s brother’s cousin’s great-niece got pregnant from eating the same thing everyday for a week? Maybe you crawl into a mental hole of sorts?

So, good readers, what do you do for your body and mind to ready for trying to conceive? The simple fact that anyone has had so many attempts at conception that there is an established superstitious ritual speaks volumes in and of itself. The most interesting, explanatory, touching, thoughtful response wins a gift card to Mickey D’s and a copy of my CD. Hey – it’s better than eating two-day old creamed spinach and salami because that’s what worked for your friend’s brother’s cousin’s great-niece.

If you want to know the significance of McDonalds and music, you’ll have to go back, Jack, do it agaaain, and read the long version. If not for anything else, do it to give me something to keep my mind busy. I’m starting to go nucking futs in this week leading up to transfer and I could use the distraction.

The contest will close Friday, March 28. Thanks to luna and Amy who’ve already responded! 

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  1. oh and I forgot to add: I’ve feng shui’d my bedroom and prayed to a ceramic fertility goddess. and my ancestors. ~luna

  2. I mostly stayed in bed for three days and was fed chocolate icecream by my husband. Then I went back to work, and pretended to do something productive.

  3. Um, okay… I’ll bite!
    The silliest thing I do/don’t do seems to actually be fairly common, but in the past, I can’t help but notice that a delayed cycle will often end after using a pee stick. Like, all I have to do if I want to find out absolutely for SURE that I’m not pregnant is to take a pee stick test, and absolutely, AF will come the next day, even if I trick myself into seeing a positive.
    Sooo, stupidly, I will sometimes delay using a pee stick, thinking that if I AM pregnant, I don’t want to inadvertently “end” the pregnancy by using a pee stick.
    Stupid! I know!!

  4. Kate, that’s absolutely NOT stupid! If it is, then we’re cut from the same cloth of stupid because I used to do the exact same thing! AF would have been MIA for 70+ days, then I’d finally sucker myself out enough to take a test, then sure as shitfire within 2 days AF would come hightailing back. Good to know I’m not the only one who did that. πŸ™‚

  5. Hmm, this is terribly embarrassing, but with my second IUI, I wondered if maybe having an orgasm after the insemination would help things out, so when they left me in the room on my own, I tried masturbating, but it was all just too weird and I couldn’t do it (good thing I’m not a guy, eh? My poor husband had to do that plenty of times during our treatments). Otherwise, my hairdresser broke off a piece of crystal that he claimed was a fertility crystal and gave it to me. Being a sciency-type I scoffed silently to myself, but I still took it home and put it on my bedside table. I also signed up for extra yoga classes from an instructor who mentioned off hand that so many women that took her classes ended up pregnant.

  6. Wow, Ann. I wish I could say that I wasn’t sitting here laughing my ass off, but umm…then I’d be lying. πŸ™‚ Did you rub your crystal to channel positive fertility vibes? For my last transfer Former IM gave me a lucky rock (long story) and I’d rub it a few times a day while thinking good thoughts.

  7. Happy to add a bit of merriment to your evening πŸ™‚ And luna, I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one to try that. I never rubbed the crystal for positive vibes, but I would look at it and take a moment to think positive thoughts.

  8. My RE gave me strict orders to drink one glass of red wine through the month until the last week of the 2ww. Italian or French preferably. This is when I knew he was a good RE for me πŸ™‚ I was very diligent in following this advice.
    From my own insanity – one square of dark chocolate a day (at least 70% cocoa), and yoga once a week at least, with a candle-burning meditation in the dark. One baby aspirin a day (it worked for an internet friend.) And on the IUI cycle that did actually work, a repetition of the chant “one sperm, one egg” And lots of praying …

  9. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this the past 24 hours. Since most people would consider me to be a “Fertile Myrtle”; rituals haven’t really been on my radar. Since my first two term pregnancies were proceeded by miscarriages I mistakenly assumed that somehow my body needed a miscarriage to “gear up” to be able to carry to term (not a ritual you want). When I got pregnant with my third I knew the moment BDing was finished that I was pregnant and it was a boy. I was terrified at 6 weeks when I began to spot. The only thing that calmed me down was Cece Winans album Throne Room. I listened to that CD over and over while I prayed. BTW, My son is now three years old.
    Thinking back I remember eating dinner with a friend each time I thought I was pregnant (either right before or right after a positive test) and the conversation focused on the potential baby. So friends and food. . . those are my tried and true rituals. Of course friends and food are the antidote in any situation, right?

  10. Kara, so sorry to hear of your m/c’s.
    Andie, a prescription for wine never seems like a bad idea!
    Good wine, good music, good chocolate, good friends, and good food – sounds like a good time if all you have all together (and separately ain’t too shabby, either)!

  11. Thanks for the honesty of Luna and Ann (above) about their orgasmic approach! I’ve tried this too. Twice. And then felt really guilty about it afterwards. My clinic had said no sex after embryo transfer. I had loads of questions I wanted to ask, like: do you mean sex without a condom, what about gentle sex, what about orgasms etc. etc. etc. But I was too shy to ask.

  12. For me, this is one of the huge advantages of surrogacy. There’s absolutely nothing that I do or don’t do that’s going to make a bit of difference…..

  13. I being a surrogate have not had to endure the agonizing over TTC, and I thank God for that everyday. Being a surro has brought new light to all the couples out there struggling. I often took my fertility for granted, I am the oldest of 6 and my mother had 3 abortions that I know of during my growing up, none of her pregnancies were planned they just kept happening!! I got pregnant 2 times on BC for crying out loud. So when I joined SMO and a few other surro boards ans sterted to see just how many people go through years and years of TTC, it just broke my heart.
    My first transfer came up and I was like this is gonna be a piece of cake, I am fertile myrtile!!! And it worked first try, we put 2 in and got 2 out for my IP’s. I did wear a green shirt for luck but other than that I didn’t fall for any of the superstitious stuff I kept reading about.
    Now I am 17 days from transfer #2! I am feeling my luck is running out. How can I be that lucky again. I read time after time transfers failing, chemical pregnancies, blighted ovums, miscarriages, etc. How can I possibly, even with my great standings with fertility, how can I transfer again and it work the first time and end in a full term delivery? I am getting scared that I will fail my IP’s. Although they have gone through 7 IVF’s and had many failures, and know that it might take more than once. They seem like they are handling it better than I am.
    So, I have started eating pineapple (thanks to all the SMOers that do that), I am going to get a new green shirt and even green socks this time, I bought myself and my IM matching green bracelets that I will give to her at transfer. I am not a person who prays but I have been asking Whoever it is that is out there to help us out.
    S0,there you have it, I am a nervous wreck and this is the first time I have admitted to that!!
    Good luck, Moxie!!

  14. I eat pineapple because someone once told me that this helps with fertility. However several IUI’s and now one IVF later…I eat it just because I like the taste πŸ™‚

  15. Sara, I did pineapple with the first transfer. πŸ™‚ Good luck in the 2ww! I hope that yesterday’s transfer went well! I’ll be watching for an update on your blog!

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