Headed for Zen

All the talk about mojo in the contest (yes, I’m going to try to plug it every day that I can between now and the close date, so if you haven’t yet, submit your entry) proves that we spend a lot of time thinking. We think about our pasts (All that wasted money spent on birth control -HA!), we try to figure out why we’re on the paths that we have to walk (How in the hell did I get HERE?), we think hopefully, if not fearfully about our futures (What if this doesn’t…? What if I never…?). Most of those questions we will likely never get the answers to. With all of that thinking, whether we realize it or not we are meditating (even if sometimes at the end of all that thinking we end up more anxious and confused than we do relaxed and calm). We are all headed for zen, searching for a level of enlightenment that will unravel the mysteries, our desperately sought after answers unfolding neatly before us. We’re looking for that aha! moment, when everything falls into place and we know exactly what the point is behind all of this. So while we’re all headed for zen…

…why not listen to Headed for Zen? (I segue like a muthaeffa ‘cuz I’m schmoove like that.) My best friend Becky’s brother’s band (say that five times fast) is up and coming and is quite schmoove in their own rights. Yanked shamelessly from their MySpace page:

Raw talent and a blend of a freshness and diversity in sound coupled with a desire to put on a rock show that provides any music aficionado with an experience that is unsurpassed is what makes Headed for Zen different from a myriad of other bands. The group undeniably calls attention to what rock is supposed to inherently be; an emotion evoking, energizing, and meaningful experience. Come to one of their shows to witness first hand the revival of intricate guitar harmonies, inventive solos, a drummer that masterfully utilizes a full kit, a bassist that turns heads with his vigorous playing style, lyrically indulging vocals, and guitar flips, tricks, and throws. Their progressive style and popularity is a derivative of the passion that each song embodies. They have an intense sound reminiscent of Incubus and Thrice, which blends introspective vocals and a very unique balance of technical beats and driving rhythms. Headed for Zen is a distinctive high-energy band dedicated to the fans and driven by their motivation and sincerity to entertain and perform.

Check out the MySpace page and you can sample their tracks and get a good look at how flippin’ schmoove they are. This ain’t your average garage band, folks. They’ve already opened for bands like Taproot, Halifax, and Hoobastank. Currently, they’re in a heated battle with another local area band in the Crocs Battle of the Bands competition. If they win, they’ll have the opportunity to open for that concert tour. What’s it going to take to win? Your vote, every day for the week or so. They’re currently in the lead but the gap is closing fast.

If you don’t vote because I have begged and pleaded and prodded and all-but-clicked-the-button for you, at least vote because Bec’s brother Ameel (the "bassist that turns heads with his vigorous playing style") is a good kid, a brainiac who graduated from high school and college with high honors, who passed the LSAT with barely giving a thought to studying for it, who even if he doesn’t make it big with his band, will still be a kick-ass lawyer who manages to retain his gentle heart. So please go vote. Because we could all use a little good karma to help us on our way to acheiving zen.