Nuevos Huevos

Nine eggs were retrieved this morning and we do not yet know how many of those were actually mature. Mia sounds good and is trying to hold on to her positive thinking, but I don’t think I was imagining a note of feeling a little underwhelmed and a smidgen of disappointment.

Tomorrow we will get the fert report and what our odds are of transferring on day 3 or day 5. I’m inclined now to think that we will do a day 3 transfer on Tuesday.

I’m starting to feel a bit…nervous? Loose in the knees? Have you ever had so many different thoughts and conflicting emotions and spinning that they all crash into each other and then in the midst of that you feel sort-of vacant? Vacuous? Deer in headlights? Somewhere in there is the crux of my mind right now.

Relax. Relate. Release. Cleansing breath. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I am glad that it is a busy weekend with many distractions to divert my thoughts. Baby M’s party – tonight! Lots of blogging to keep me up through the night. Easter tomorrow! I always love Easter. Tomorrow after baskets and egg hunts but before dinner, I will tell you stories about the egg hunts of my childhood/early adulthood. Do not think of pretty girls in curls with frilly white dresses and woven pink baskets and sunshine. Think gritted teeth. Think WWF wrestling. Grass stains and karate chops. Think bumrushing brawl-fests in the search for THE egg. The one with the money.

Think good thoughts for those Easter eggs cooking in their petri dish baskets.   

4 thoughts on “Nuevos Huevos”

  1. kymberli, it’s exciting listening to your progress and process. I am wishing you and mia and her easter petri dish spring eggs all the best in the next few days. I don’t even think I can imagine how you must feel right now. I hope you all get great news soon.
    thanks so much for your kind comment and good wishes on monday. (could it be your day 3 is monday too?!) it’s been quite a journey and right now I’m just trying to breathe. go 7.1!!! ; }

  2. I was going to call today, but I didn’t want to bother you with more anticipation. I will be waiting for a phone call tomorrow! I’m hoping they all fertilize!

  3. Carrie you nut, you can always pick up the phone and call me!
    Luna, day 3 for me will be Tuesday. You and I will have to attempt to keep each other sane through the next two weeks! Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. 🙂

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