Yesterday the ever-cryptic Niobe posted a wordless, single photo with the simple title "Quatro." I don’t know if there is some kind of esoteric, abstruse meaning behind the photo that she eventually demystify, but now to me the thought-provoking picture of four brown eggs was an unrecognized portent – we have just four embryos.

Of the nine eggs retrieved, eight were mature and fertilized, but only four are of decent quality. The other four have moderate to severe fragmentation and/or are asymmetric and obviously aren’t candidates for transfer.

We will definitely have a 3-day transfer on Tuesday at 2pm. Frank and I will drive up early so that we can have lunch with Mia and Urs and just spend a bit of downtime together before the transfer. I will stay with Mia and Urs at the condo for my bed rest and Frank will come home after I’m settled in. Mia and Urs will bring me home on Wednesday and will stay with us for a couple of days before returning to the condo on Saturday. They leave very early Sunday morning, which is 5dp3dt. I could have the starts of a good BFP by then, but even if I did I wouldn’t tell them at that point.

Maybe instead of dancing the tango or the pasa doble I will just hold Hope’s hand and listen to the music.

Slight change of plans: Frank has decided that he will stay with me at the condo Tuesday night. We decided for Frank to come home a little after the transfer so that my colleagues/friends would only have to find one day of backup for their babies who Frank sits. I didn’t ask him to stay but I am glad that he will. I think he sensed that given the news, I will need more of him. I heart him.

11 thoughts on “Presage”

  1. How eggciting! πŸ™‚
    How many are they transferring?
    Keeping fingers crossed for you guys… Tuesday will be here before we know it!

  2. kymberli, you know I am sending you all the best for a successful transfer tuesday. I probably missed this somewhere, but how many will you transfer? and I’ll be right there with you holding hope’s hand for all of us. happy feelings all around… ~luna

  3. Thanks for the support, girls! We’ll transfer 2 or 3, depending on the quality. Honestly, if the four we have end up being really crappy, I’d agree to transferring all four instead of discarding the one that won’t make it to freeze, but I doubt we’ll do that. For my first transfer which ended in a chemical, we transferred four mid-grade/mediocre embryos. But, we shall see, shan’t we? πŸ™‚

  4. Holding hope for you guys too–you, Mia, and Urs (and, what the hell, throw Frank in there too since he’s an integral part of everything). Four embryos is wonderful.

  5. Hoping for Frank is quite appropriate, Mel – keep up the hope that I don’t drive him completely crazy in the next two weeks!

  6. Carrie, just don’t laugh too hard if I keep running down to the bathroom to pee so I can test in the middle of the day. I will run down to your room asking, “Do you see something, or is it just me???” πŸ™‚

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