How to screw with your RE on transfer or IUI day

  1. Write "THIS WAY" on the inside of one thigh and "INSERT HERE" on the inside of the other and draw arrows pointing to you know where on both.
  2. For bonus points, you can stick Tap Lights to the insides of your thighs. Simply sqeeze your legs together to turn them on, then shout, "LET THERE BE LIGHT!" Tell your RE that you were just trying to be helpful.
  3. For a fresh transfer or IUI, bring in a brown paper sack with a lidded cup inside and hand it to your RE saying, "I decided not to procreate with my husband; I brought his friend’s sperm instead because he’s much cuter."
  4. Have hubby/partner give your RE a new stack of pornos while saying, "The selection in there is pretty bad. Have you seen all the neat things some girls can do with a string of beads, lately?"
  5. Shout, "Peekaboo!" when the RE lifts the blanket.
  6. Hand your RE one of these and ask if he or she will slip one on you after the transfer.

Ladies, if you got ’em, add ’em.

11 thoughts on “How to screw with your RE on transfer or IUI day”

  1. Ok I got one…and it got a chuckle out of our RE.
    He came in for the breast exam (yea something he requires b4 transfer..humm??) so right before he started i told him: “For each breast it’s $20 per feel” and his reaction….”You are pretty cheap for Vegas!!”
    I mean darn him for a comeback…I hadn’t even thought of how to respond so I laid back and shut up…since I was a cheap feel..LOL

  2. That is freakin’ FUNNY! I never would have guessed that a man like him could come back with such a snappy retort! Nice try,my stalker! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Good luck today, Moxie!!
    I am so glad to be following another of your journeys!! I will be right behind you with an April 6th transfer!! Can’t wait for your greta beta numbers to start pouring in!

  4. you are freaking hilarious. and now that I’ve seen the easter video, I can almost picture it. wishing you the best today. ok, it’s back to sofa-rest for me. ~luna

  5. Oh, JEEZ. Frickin’ HI-LA-RI-OUS!!!!!!
    I think I like the tap lights the best. I think I could pull that with my gyno at our upcoming appointment. Or maybe a helpful “HERE IT IS—>” on my thigh.
    Man. LOVE. IT.!

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