Illogical deduction

Do you ever feel like the more positives there are around you, that’s the less likely you are to get yours?

I mean, really – not everyone who cycles together in a group is going to get pregnant with their attempts (how great would that be?), but when positives are popping up left and right, someone has to fall on the bad side of the statistics.

There is not a finite amount of positives against which each new pregnancy is deducted. I always feel terrible when people receive negatives. But on the converse, am I the only one who on some irrational level feels that each new positive means one less chance for me?

7 thoughts on “Illogical deduction”

  1. Oh, Moxie, I so feel what you are saying. I too am feeling that! Good thing for me though is that I am transferring in the first week of April, so the pressure wont be quite as high for me this time. Last time I was Sept 29 and felt it strongly!! I’m rootin for ya, girl!!

  2. I totally subscribe to that theory, and have seen it proven many times. It worked with the sex as well, EVERYONE around me had learned they were expecting girls, ergo I’m having a boy.
    The theory scared me though with the DS risk. A couple of girls around me were higher risk (I was 1:310, technically low risk, but pretty close to the cut off) and one got her amnio results saying all was fine, I felt that alone increased my risk.
    So if you’re crazy, so am I!

  3. Oh yeah and it works with infertility too. That’s why infertiles are surrounded by fertile/pg SILs, friends etc.

  4. Yes! I thought I was the only one with that fear. I realize that statistics don’t work that way, but I’d figure the more other people got pregnant, the more likely I was to fall in the category of people who don’t get pregnant. Bah! But I don’t believe it in your case, I’m hoping this will be a lucky cycle for you.

  5. I feel that, too. Even if it is just a little bit and in an irrational sector in the back of my mind, I feel terrible about begrudging other wonderful women their happy news, but I kinda do. And it didn’t stop once I had my BFP, either. Now I know all these ladies who have miscarried before and are pregnant again, and as I hear of more of them and their pregnancies continue to go well, it feels like my chances of miscarrying again increase.
    It’s comforting to know I’m not crazy all by myself.

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