My laptop died. Let us all bow our heads for a moment of silence before I tell about my transfer.



It’s a quarter to one a.m. and my brillance and wit have already fallen asleep. There is a longer, more charming account of yesterday’s events somewhere in this exhaustion-riddled brain, and I promise that will come later. But for now, here’s the Cliffs Notes version:

2 transferred: both great quality and one already starting to compact.
2 remaining: one with some fragmentation and the other with a few asymmetric cells, but both still considered good enough to try to culture to blast for freezing.
2 very happy and hopeful IPs
2 happier butt cheeks – my protocol has changed from 1cc PIO at morning and night to just 1cc PIO in the morning and a Provera suppository at night
1 immensely relieved and thankful Moxie (for having good embryos to transfer; the PIO is just icing on the cake)

All prayers and positive thoughts are welcome for the two travellers and for my laptop. Pray also for my sanity. For the moment, I feel fairly calm and reserved, but I expect that will go up in smoke when I enter the phase where I could reasonably expect a positive.

9 thoughts on “Tragedy”

  1. Maranda aka Mama2BandT

    Congrats…let us know if the last 2 embies make it to freezing…my laptop is weeping tears for your laptop its always sad for them to see a brethren go down…

  2. I’ll be waiting anxiously with you. (I’m already overflowing with anxiety, so I have plenty to spare.) Your travelers have a great vehicle, so I have high hopes for them. When will you test?

  3. I was wondering what the heck happened to ya, LOL
    Praying for your sanity, and waiting anxiously for you to start peeing!!!

  4. Lots of prayers, good thoughts to all of you. I’ll be thinking about you and following closely. (And happy computer vibes from my laptop to yours.)

  5. My deepest sympathies for the loss of your laptop. I killed my laptop last summer. I outright murdered the poor thing by drowning it. I feel your pain!
    I am wishing you lots of luck with the two embryos on board!

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