I'm sure her teacher thought "WTF?"

So, this morning I went through the kids’ Friday folders with their work from the last week inside and ran across this assignment:

What I Will Do on Spring Break by Kyra

Over Spring Break I am going to watch cartoons and play outside with my friends. I am going to play on the playground that is in my backyard. I am going to play soccer ball with my mom and dad. But I am also going to the playground that is next to Popeye’s. I’m also going to the hostpital to see my mom and dad because my mom is going to have two babies. After my mom is back from the hostpital she is going to have two babies for Urs and Mia. I’m also going to play with my pupies. But we kept the pupies for a year. And we are selling are pupies over Spring Brake. And I will bake cakes with my mom.

8 thoughts on “I'm sure her teacher thought "WTF?"”

  1. ROFLMAO!!!!! That girl is hysterical! I can only imagine what her teacher might be thinking! LOVE IT!!! I particularly like the fact that she’s also cued into the “twin vibe!”
    You know it’s bad when…
    Your best friend has no remote possibility of being pregnant herself; however, has a very acute case of peestickitis!!!!

  2. You have peestickitis just because you’re vibin’ off of me, though I can feel it wearing off quite a bit. Kyra is feeling something that I’m faaaar removed from!

  3. Kids know. A couple months before I got pregnant the first time, my then 2-year-old nephew, out of the blue, told my sister, “Megan’s going to have a baby in her tummy soon.”
    Anyway, imagining her teacher reading that made me laugh out loud. I’m feeling pretty crappy this morning (thank goodness!), and it was just what I needed to lift my spirits.

  4. Hee hee ๐Ÿ™‚
    I told my kids’ teachers, just in case something crazy came out of their mouths… It might have been more fun to just wait for the crazy though! ๐Ÿ™‚

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