Conversation with Kaelyn

"You want trail mix, Mommy?"

"No, Kaelyn. You eat it."

"Some wasins? You want some wasins?"

"No, hun. I don’t want any raisins, either."

"You want the em-nems? The red ooooooone and the yeddow oooooooone and the greem oooooooone?  Mom, you want the…hey…you cryin’, Mama? You sad? Don’t cry, Mama, don’t cry. I kiss it make it better. Here – you want the cho-co-lit? Want the penis?"

"The what? Oh, you mean the peanuts."

5 thoughts on “Conversation with Kaelyn”

  1. Luna, you made me laugh out loud with that one. For that, you get two snaps up in a circle. Now if only we could do something about seeing two of something else…
    thanks for the laugh and the smile. 🙂

  2. I’m sorry you were crying. I hope everything’s okay, and I’m glad your Kaelyn’s there to kiss it better for you.

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