Sucketh hath the day

Here I sit in my classroom waiting for my phone to ring with news of the negative beta. The worst news of today hasn’t even been confirmed and this has already been a grey day, both figuratively and literally.

First the last round of Hail Mary tests gave an early indicator of the day’s suckitude.

Then Jaiden decided he had to take a dump five minutes before it was time to head to the bus stop. Sans toilet paper, he got stranded en le toillette and…*cell phone is ringing – beta is negative, discontinue meds, call back when my period starts, Mia and Urs have a phone consult at 3pm on Monday*

…where was I? Oh yes. Jaiden was stranded on the toilet with no tissue and by the time we figured out where he was he was running too far behind and missed the bus. So, I had to take him to school which is not a big deal, as I have to pass the school on the way out, anyway.

I opened the door to the van and got the bejeezus scared out of me when a kitten jumped out. The last time anyone drove anywhere was the the night before last so you can only imagine the litterbox transformation. I hurridly cleaned out whatever crap I could find and sprayed everything down with antibacterial Febreeze.  No time for the full throttle cleaning job that is necessary.

Dropped Jaiden off, drove five minutes down the street, then realized I didn’t have my cell phone. Shit. Turned around, got the phone, then headed out to make the hour-long drive to the hospital to get the negative blood drawn. I couldn’t figure out if I was nauseous because of the cloying undercurrent of cat piss or because of the expectation of nothing to expect. It was probably both.

Got to the hospital and had to park all the way out in Egypt. Got the lab slip from the nurse who cheerfully smiled and said, "Good luck!" I decided against flipping her the bird.

Came back here, sat down to write this post, then got the phone call as mentioned above.

Today is my principal’s 50th birthday and as a gag, the staff dressed in all black and there are black balloons and banners everywhere. There is irony in there somewhere, but my ability to verbalize it fails me. 

5 thoughts on “Sucketh hath the day”

  1. oh that does sound pretty crappy, on every level… it truly sucketh.
    thanks again for your support and for sharing those happy feelings early on… ~luna

  2. My heart hurts for you and Mia and Urs to have gone through so much and have this be the result. I’m so sorry.

  3. i wish there were words. ugh is the only thing that feel appropriate and that’s more a sound than a word.
    sorry girl. much love to you and your kind, loving, gentle and often hilarious soul… and for mia and urs as they travel the IF road that Sucketh with a captial F.

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