Monkeyboy Month

Clear_out_066 Daily Jordan and Mommy routine of the past two years:

"Hey Jordan! Are you my Monkeyboy?"


"Why are you my Monkeyboy?"

"Because I like to eat BE-nanaaas!"

Seriously. Give the boy a banana and his little eyes light up and he’ll love you forever. Because of this moniker, he has a monkey-print blanket and roll pillow, a pillow shaped like a monkey, and a few monkey stuffed animals. The other kids even call him Monkeyboy. He even named his cheeky monkey Webkinz "Monkeyboy."

This morning I said, "Good morning, Monkeyboy!"

Jordan prissily replied, "You can’t call me Monkeyboy anymore," with an impish little grin on his face.

"Well, why not? You’re not my Monkeyboy anymore?"

"I still like to eat be-nanas, but you can still call me Jo-Jo. Just Jo-Jo, but not Monkeyboy."

"Well, okay, but why not?"

"Because you wouldn’t let me go get any water last night after you tucked me in."

If I knew then what I know now, I think Turdboy would have been more appropriate.


I always feel a bit disconcerted when plans are up in the air and whether I move left or right depends on some obscure fact that I have absolutely no control over. Hurry up and wait does not cater well to my think-ahead-and-plan-accordingly personality. I am just itching to receive definite word on whether or not we are transferring in May, and though I will probably have my answer by tomorrow evening, it does not make the jumpy brain syndrome I’m currently dealing with any less intense.

Yesterday evening I got a call from Cari, our fab-o nurse coordinator. She had previously spoken with Mia and Urs and told them that a May cycle would be possible, but we’d have to get moving right away. I am a wee bit confused, though, because she made it sound like Mia and Urs still weren’t totally sure whether or not they wanted to proceed right now and said that they would let her know their final decision by tomorrow afternoon and then she would get back with me with more specific details on cycling if they went forward with May. I was instructed to start BCPs last night just in case.

Given the six hour time difference, sometimes there is a slight lag in communication when there are questions and emails flying three-way among the clinic, Mia, and me. Given the fact that it was fairly late in Mia’s time zone by the time Cari called me, I knew that I would likely not hear anything from Mia before this morning’s customary email. Anxious to hear from Mia, this morning I skipped slamming snooze and instantly reached for my laptop the second the alarm went off.

Mia was instructed to start testing for ovulation; instead of putting us both on BCPs to start synchronization, her LH surge is what determines when she will start Lupron and my period is adjusted with the BCPs to fall in line with the start of her cycle. I probably just confused the hell out of some of you. Suffice it to say that detecting her LH surge with OPKs (ovulation prediction kits, for you got-pregnant-in-the-backseat-without-even-trying folks) is an important part of the process. We’re currently smack-dab in the middle of her cycle which means that ovulation could be within the next few days or we could have missed it by a few days. I’ll not bore you with the specific details of my calendar counting, but I think we might be in the clear and estimate that she’ll surge by the end of the week. But (!!!-there always has to be a but), she might have ovulated on Saturday. When we talked on Sunday she said she felt the typical cramping that indicates ovulation. Hopefully this cramping was just a lead-in to ovulation and she is still going to surge in the near future.

I also learned from Mia this morning that we will not be allowed to do a dual transfer. I was a smidge worried about that, as I know that some clinics will allow it and others won’t. Mia didn’t delve into her feelings about that in email, but I will surely ask her about it when I email her tonight.

Long story short, I’m a bit confused right now. Mia made it sound like whether we move on May hinged on whether or not she was able to detect ovulation within the next couple of days, and Cari made it sound like it only mattered on what Mia and Urs decided, because Cari didn’t mention anything to me about OPKs and detecing Mia’s surge. I sent an email to Cari earlier this afternoon so hopefully I will hear from her soon. I think that no matter what, I’ll know definitively what we may or may not be doing in May, maybe.

Though nothing is concrete yet, I was given enough information to be teased with tentative transfer dates – sometime around May 22-25. If I couldn’t get knocked up around Baby M’s birthday in March, then perhaps some Monkeyboy mojo will work better; Jordan’s birthday is May 22.

3 thoughts on “Monkeyboy Month”

  1. That picture and story are too cute! My dog, husband and myself all love bananas – maybe our future little one will too?
    I hope you’re able to do your cycle in May. The more I learn about all that is involved in doing the surrogacy, the more I realize that you are giving one of the greatest gifts a person can give. If our IVF hadn’t worked and our one FET, then that would be the route we would go since both my sister and best friend offered due to my unicornuate uterus. Thanks for giving someone else that great hope too!

  2. I, too, have a monkeyboy!!!! He loves bananas and also climbs absolutely everything all the time. We found him ontop of the fridge when he was 18 months old!!!
    I would love to talk to you about cycling after a failed transfer. We transferred 4/6 and i had the beta this morning, haven’t heard for sure but nothing but negatives at home so I can only assume the beta is as well. If you could email me at Thanks

  3. Thanks, Sara! I have been reading along and I am sooo very happy for you! You are very blessed to have both your sister and best friend as potential surrogates. There are many women out there who don’t have that as as option! The two of them are angels for even making the offer!
    You have mail, Kari. Negatives bite.

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