Holy chitlins!

Not five minutes after I posted that last entry did I get a rather unexpected midday phone call from Mia. She never calls me in the middle of a school day so I knew it was something important the second I saw her number roll across the screen.

She had just gotten off of the phone with Cari, who had instructed Mia to continue taking opk’s between now and Sunday and to go in for a progesterone draw on Monday if she did not detect her surge with the tests. Cari (and Dr. Sleepy) feel so sure that this cycle will proceed that she gave Mia and Urs the green light to make travel arrangements. Cari explained that they know enough about Mia’s body from the last cycle that they can make any adjustments necessary to compensate for a missed or late LH surge.

Then while on the phone with Mia, an email from Cari popped up with my and Mia’s calendars attached. Tentative Lupron start is Monday, last BCP next Friday. Anticipated arrival date for Urs and Mia is April 30 (!!!). Tentative egg retrieval is May 20 with a 3-day transfer (which is likely) falling May 23 and a 5-day transfer falling on May 25.


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  1. Hooray! I’m glad they’re able to get things started again so soon. I’m wishing you guys lots and lots of luck!

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