Safety net

This morning’s email from Cari, our nurse coordinator:

Mia is going to call me Wednesday and let me know how they want to proceed. Assuming we move forward we need to start her on Luron in her luteal phase. We generally start it one week after ovulation or a week after an LH surge. If we have missed her surge this week she will have a progesterone level drawn Monday and if elevated still start Lupron.

Cari speaks of today as if it isn’t already Wednesday, but I am known to be dippy enough to forget what very day it is so I can’t hold that against her. Hell, I can’t even remember what color underwear I put on this morning (can you, without digging in your britches to check?). Cari is a sweetheart. I always get a quick turn-around and her answers are always detailed enough that I’m not left with more immediate questions.

In this morning’s wake-up call email from Mia, she said that she would have an ultrasound or bloodwork done to check for ovulation if the clinic allowed it. I know that Mia and Urs want to move forward with a May transfer even if Cari is unsure of their intentions. So with now getting this email from Cari, it’s good to know that we still have a chance to start meds even if we missed detecting Mia’s surge with the opk’s.

Thank God for that.