Far more than cash and carry

In these days before the debut of the much-hyped movie Baby Mama, there has been sudden outflux of articles and news reports about surrogacy. We all know how I feel about the media’s spin on surrogacy; usually the focus is on the negative or extraordinary arrangements, surrogates and sometimes intended parents are described to fit some warped stereotype, and money is almost always described as being a surrogate’s primary, or even sole motivator for carrying someone else’s child.

Finally, someone was able to discuss surrogacy and mention the financial aspect without putting a negative spin on it: Outside Hollywood, Being a Surrogate Mom is Far More than Cash and Carry. A quote:

"In the film, Fey plays Kate, a Type-A businesswoman, who hires Poehler’s Angie, a cash-strapped free spirit, to carry her baby.

But in real life, surrogacy is hardly a comedy, says Melissa Brisman, a New Jersey attorney who has helped more than a thousand couples through the process.

‘Somebody who thinks it’s a good way to make money would probably drop out when they see how much work is involved" says Brisman.’"

Kudos to journalist Jessica Wakeman and the New York Daily News for this one.

4 thoughts on “Far more than cash and carry”

  1. I agree. Too often people seem clueless on surrogacy. That used to be myself included until last year or so when I was diagnosed with my unicornuate uterus. Even though we have to find some humor with infertility, movies and the media often make it a spectical filled with inaccurate information. Good points!

  2. Besides the idea that it’s a purely financial transaction, one of the main things that I think the media doesn’t recognize (at least looking at it from an IP’s point of view) is how much tragedy the IPs have often experienced.
    Now, of course there are gay male IPs or women who have always know they can’t carry a pregnancy to term, but no-one just “forgets” to have kids because they’re so absorbed in their career.

  3. Actually, now that I think about it — I think you once said something almost exactly like my previous comment. Obviously, it made a huge impression on me.

  4. When I told my uncle how much we were paying, he was amazed at how little the surrogate gets. “For nine whole months?” he said.
    I agree with Niobe as well, the media so seldom portrays the tremendous journeys people have made in coming to surrogacy. The media just simplifies things far too much and from what I have read are unable to convey the human stories behind the surrogates and the IPs. They end up concentrating on the stuff that will make the headlines which is a real pity, not to mention damaging to how surrogacy can be perceived.

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