Under where?

Out of the blue, tonight at dinner Kyra asked, "Mommy, why do they call it underwear?"

Simultaneously, four forks stopped in midair and TJ, Jaiden, Jordan, and Kyra stopped chewing and tilted their heads in my direction, the better to hear my reply. Kaelyn, only 2.5 and still cozy-comfortable in her Pull-Ups, was oblivious to the question at hand and continued munching merrily on her roasted chicken.

"Because you wear it under your clothes," I said. 

They erupted in laughter like it was the most hysterical thing they’d ever heard, Kaelyn included.

2 thoughts on “Under where?”

  1. Don’t kids say the cutest things sometimes? My nephew when he was two was walking with my husband and I to the pool nearby. We were kind of in a hurry and I told him, “Let’s try to get to the pool without making too many stops, okay Nathan?” My nephew looked up and said really seriously..”well okay I hope we don’t see any roley poley bugs.” He always like to bend down and pick those up and see them roll into a ball. I still remember this even though he’s 11 now 🙂

  2. LOL! I look forward to such inspirational conversations with my children.
    I wish we could all think the simplest things were so funny and maybe life wouldn’t be so trying.

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