A funny thing happened on the way back from lunch

I have always been very open with my students about my surrogacy journeys. Most of the kids, especially the girls, show great interest in the process and ask a lot of questions. My students are probably better-versed in IVF and surrogacy than most typical adults are. A couple of weeks ago when we returned from Spring Break, the first question many of them asked was, "Are you pregnant?" They were sincerely disappointed to learn that the transfer had failed and were eager to know what our next steps were.

My Gifted Literature class just came in and one particularly nosy inquisitive girl just asked, "Mrs. B, it’s almost May, so when’s the next time you’re going to do that…that…that thing? That…whatchoocallit? That transplant. That implant? That transaction? That transamajigger?" All the while, she’s making grandiose swooping motions, jabbing the index finger of one hand through the closed circle of her other.

Eighth graders are funny.

2 thoughts on “A funny thing happened on the way back from lunch”

  1. pretty funny. glad to hear your sensitizing them to the concept of infertility — I had no freaking clue back then…

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