I decided to send an email to my colleague. In it, I explained a short bit about my bout with infertility and my understanding of the difficult emotions that always seem to run somewhere just under the level of everyday, open life. I included a link to this blog entry and concluded by saying, "I understand if you never want to speak of this again, but if you do, I am here."

I am glad that I did this. It opened up a deep dialogue between two people who on the surface, appear to walk in the same light as everyone else, but are trailed by shadows that only we, infertility community know.

Neither of us feels quite so lost anymore, having found in each other another who understands.

Thanks so much to those of you who offered advice and support, whether in the comments or elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “Found”

  1. Moxie, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to comment. I am back to yours and avidly taking in all your amazing history. You are a gift to your colleague and that does make the IF a mixed blessing doesn’t it? None of us would ever understand unless we’d been through our own personal IF hell whether 2 years or 20 it’s the empathy that you carry that makes you a true IF sister.

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