Just in case your breath stinks…

Yesterday when I was slowly simmering my brains into a lump of mushy goo by watching the entire third rotation of "America’s Next Top Model" from start to finish, I kept seeing the nauseating FreeCreditReport.com commercial. Not the snazzy one featuring a guy who, with a half-rap jive, laments the fact that he and his "posse’s gettin’ laughed at" because they have to ride in a beat-up, hooptie sub-compact instead of a funky-smooth SUV because his credit was bad. I rather like that one: F-R-E-E, that spells free. CreditReport dot com, baby. No, I’m talking about the one with the annoying, over-enthusiastic "read my mind" guy: I’m THINKing of a number…. I swear, that commercial had to have come on at least every other commercial break. I’m LOOKing at a dumbass…is what I thought each time Mr. Nerdy McNerd Herd appeared back on the screen.

However, for as many times as I was made to suffer through that blasted advertisement, I was rewarded with a showing of the Eclipse BigE Pak commercial. I must have seen that commercial at least a couple dozen times; I giggled my royal ass off each and every time, as it caters to my quasi-sophomoric sense of humor. Do YOU have a friend who could use an oral odor renovation?

What commercials do you absolutely hate? Which ones do you find muy ha-ha?

6 thoughts on “Just in case your breath stinks…”

  1. That’s so funny that you mentioned that you were watching that season marathon, so was I! I saw all the episodes yesterday and that commercial several times (on MTV-right?). I was just spending a lazy Sunday cuddling with the dog on the couch and my poor husband ended up catching a lot of the episodes too! That commercial is one of my favorites out right now. I like any one with puppies in them too, especially the one where the golden retriever puppy sings about not having any bugs on him. I think it’s for some flea collar treatment. I’m very easily pleased.

  2. Sara, it seems like we had similar weekends! Frank caught a few episodes with me. He tries to fake the funk like he doesn’t enjoy watching, but sometimes he remembers more details than I do about past episodes! My dog was curled up around my feet, too.
    “There may be bugs on some of you mugs, but there ain’t no bugs on me.” Yes, I know the commercial. Okay, I say this all in good fun. My family is like a live-action comedy show and one of our “things” is pointing out “hidden racisms.” Like I said, this is sincerely us just joking around so I completley say this tongue-in-cheek manner. Have you ever noticed in that commercial how all of the K-9 Advantix “good” dogs are lighter in color and all of the ones that are itching and scratching are darker-hued dogs? Mmmhmm. Hidden racism. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. One commercial I really, really hated was for some kind of Sargento (sp?) cheese or cold cuts. I can’t even remember what I so disliked about the commercial, but now I’m completely disgusted by every product made by the company, even the foods I normally like. I guess it was kind of an anti-commercial.

  4. Oh my goodness, I never did notice all the darker- hued dogs were scratching! I pointed it out to my husband last night when we saw that commercial (again) and he just said..you girls have too much time on your hands. But what you said is funny! I’ll never look at that commercial the same way again. I like your light hearted approach when it involves hidden racism and dogs!

  5. Interesting, niobe. I wish there was a commercial about cookies that I dested so much that it stopped me from eating cookies altogether.

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