Just the facts, ma'am.

There is a giant pounding on my head and crushing out all creative thought like a vise, so I apologize in advance for the blatant dullness of this post. But people want to know, so I’m here to tell them without making them wait for every muscle from the shoulders up to unclench themselves from my bones:

Mia and Urs arrived in the States Wednesday night.

Urs made his manly contribution yesterday. Mia has an appointment on Wednesday the 9th for an ultrasound and blood work and if the levels are appropriate, she will also start stims on that day.

My period was supposed to start on Tuesday and when it still hadn’t arrived on Wednesday, I cursed out my uterus and I got results yesterday (Thursday) afternoon. The prodding I was supposed to have yesterday has been moved to tomorrow morning. I will remember not to do Tampax squared tomorrow. I will probably start Vivelle either tomorrow or Sunday.

I have such a horrible Lupron headache right now that a dark room, hot Tension Tamer tea, padded walls, and mindless TV are needed. And a hot shower. And Motrin and a wine cooler or four, but I can’t have those. So. Tylenol and sleep it is.

Tomorrow, a little Latin lesson for you. 

2 thoughts on “Just the facts, ma'am.”

  1. I’m excited and hopeful for this cycle. All of you are constantly on my mind. I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow (and without incident…LOL!) Love you.

  2. I’m glad that Mia and Urs made it in to the US okay, did they have a long way to come from? Sorry about the lupron headache, I hope it goes away soon and the cycle runs smoothly for everyone. You have me peeing my pants about the Tampax story! I read back to that previous post, and I have to say I’m amazed they can manipulate around a tampon. I didn’t know they would be able to see anything! You’re too funny..good luck being tampon free 🙂

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