A cure for Hailey

Rick and Maria became parents through gestational surrogacy to their twins Ryan and Hailey. On SMO we have held them up in prayer, as little Hailey was diagnosed with Leukemia at a mere 15 weeks old. Now, her best chance for a cure is a sibling. Surrogacy is needed again, both to give life to new life and to grant life to a life already born. This family needs help. Below, please read what was posted on SMO. Pray for them or hold them in good thoughts, and if you should feel inclined to help financially, I will post those details as soon as they are given:

Dana and I (Surrogacy Options www.SurrogacyOptions.com ) are searching for a very special GS who wants to help a family in need. Rick and Maria Kent are the proud parents through Gestational Surrogacy of Ryan and Hailey, now 23 months old. When Hailey was 15 weeks old she was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of Leukemia. She went through chemo, but relapsed while still on it and had an unrelated, mis-matched umbilical cord blood transplant in May 2007. She is home now on home isolation but is having issues with graft versus host disease (where your body and the donor cells try to reject each other). Lately it has been getting worse and is starting to affect her kidneys.

The best chance for Hailey to be cured is for her parents to do another Surrogacy, and have a baby who will be a 100% match for Hailey. There is a new technology available where doctors can identify the matching embryos before they are implanted. One out of every four embryos will be a match. Rick and Maria are looking forward to welcoming another much loved child into their family as well as being able to save their baby’s life. Ryan and Hailey’s GS was going to do a non-compensated journey for the Kents, but her doctor has advised her not to get pregnant again.

Unfortunately, Maria and Rick are financially tapped out from the first Journey and from paying the medical bills for Hailey. There is no way they can afford to pay for another Surrogacy Journey. Dana and I are donating our agency services to them. Hilary Neiman of Maryland is donating legal services and is arranging for another pro bono attorney to help as well. The Kents have 14 embryos frozen at blast stage. They hope the match for Hailey is among these embryos, but if it isn’t, they will do another fresh IVF cycle. We are also hoping their medical team will offer financial help for any IVF procedures.

We realize that ALL surrogates are compassionate. If you are even contemplating doing a Surrogacy you are a very special person indeed. 🙂 Knowing what we do about the Surrogacy community, we feel very positive that we will be able to find an incredible woman willing to do a non-compensated "compassionate" surrogacy for the Kents. Time is of the essence here. We need to find someone who is willing to be a GS for them as soon as possible. The Kents will not terminate or reduce a pregnancy unless their GS’s life is in danger. They will also only transfer 1 or 2 embryos.

For those of you who want to help the family with monetary contributions (for travel and other expenses for a GS because we don’t want this to cost her anything!) and for other necessary expenses, Maria will be opening a bank account in the near future. I will be posting the details. There is also going to be press coverage for this journey. It will be about Hailey, but also about the surrogacy community coming together to help bring another cherished child to a family and to also save the life of a little girl. You are ALL wonderful.

If you are interested in doing a non-compensated journey for The Kents, please email me at Jamie@SurrogacyOptions.com or Dana at Dana@SurrogacyOptions.com



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  1. This story breaks my heart. I wish I could do more than offer prayers. I’m going to put Hailey on our prayer list. Please update us when a surrogate is found.

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