The first Pink Rose Awards go to…

Pink_rose_award_tall_3    Pink_rose_animated_1_3 Pink_rose_award_5

…My Becky, because for all the things I strive to be, she already is.

niobe, whose richness is found in all the things she doesn’t say, carefully ensconced between the lines of what she does say. With you I wait, watch, and hope.

…Meg, who is reaching for the stars and twinkles with a light she thinks she doesn’t have.

Scarred Bellybutton, who uses the F-bomb and its derivitives in ways which make me laugh, like when she called a duck on attack a fucker and stuck-on-stupid medical personnel a fuckstick. She also knows what I do about what a particularly fuckish disease does to the one you love.

Carrie, who seems to be walking my path step for step. Number four in four, my friend.

Mel, who gave me a place of comfort, a sense of belonging after feeling for years that I was the only one who felt like I did.

luna, who tried everything and still sees the world for all its beauty. She is the one who inspired my creation of the awards when in her comment to the post Strollers and Pink Roses, she asked me to plant a pink rose for her.


How to pass it on:
1. On your blog, copy and paste the award, these rules, a link back to the person who selected you, and a link to this post: You will find the story behind the Pink Rose Award and other graphics to choose from there.
2. Select as many award recipients as you would like, link to their blogs (if they have one), and explain why you have chosen them.
3. Let them know that you have selected them for an award by commenting on one of their posts.
4. If you are selected, pass it on by giving the Pink Rose Award to others.
5. If you find that someone you want to nominate has already been selected by someone else, you can still honor them by posting a comment on their award post stating your reasons for wishing to grant them the award.
6. You do not have to wait until someone nominates you to nominate someone else. 

4 thoughts on “The first Pink Rose Awards go to…”

  1. Thanks Moxie, you’ve really made my day ๐Ÿ™‚ Very sweet of you. It’s funny, as much as my blog is made up of a rather high percentage of words beginning with F, I hardly ever say such things IRL. It’s true!

  2. k77, I can believe it because IRL I’m not much of an “out loud” curser, either. If I do let one rip it surely isn’t the F-word (usually). ๐Ÿ™‚ Here on my blog, though, all the stuff I usually keep in my mouth held back behind pursed lips comes right on out through my fingers!

  3. Thanks for my pink rose award, Moxie. It meant a lot to me. I have a blog entry of my own churning at the moment; however, it has to wait until after today’s wrestling match…errr…tee ball game, a house showing, and a family BBQ for Mother’s Day. I’m so going to call you this weekend even if I have to lock myself in the bathroom to do it! I love you and miss you so bad it hurts! ๐Ÿ™‚

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