Maybe next year…

At Glow in the Woods, on her post Collateral Damage, Niobe made the request to ..".let us know where you are — literally and figuratively — and what you’re thinking about this Mother’s Day." I had a hard time trying to figure out how I was going to address Mother’s Day, but the words just came to me when I felt compelled to reply to her post:

Today I’m in a weird place. I have lots to be grateful for and I’m happy, but the people who are not are present at the forefront of my mind. I’m thinking of Mia and her four lost babies. She will come here this evening and she also starts stims tonight. This always feels like the first foot forward past the point of no return. It’s that moment when I feel like I take a deep breath and hold it until whatever is going to happen happens.

Mostly, in my mind there is the thought that this time next year, maybe she’ll be a mom to a baby in her arms and not just the four she carries in her heart.

5 thoughts on “Maybe next year…”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day!!
    It’s so wonderful how much you care for Mia and what you’re doing for her. Giving her the chance to fulfill her dreams of becoming a mother. It’s breathtaking.
    I will pray really hard for this cycle!!

  2. I’ll keep both you and Mia in my thoughts and prayers for an even better Mother’s Day for everyone next year. Thanks again for opening your heart to help out those who need it.

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