Grateful for…

  • only six days left in the school year. Students busy with long study guides, semester exams, and a content-related movie make for a very happy teacher who has time to write blog posts.
  • students who think that cleaning out my closet and filing half a year’s worth of papers is fun.
  • a two-year old who can distinguish between similar colors like sky blue and navy, light pink and fuchsia, but insists that any shade of the color yellow is "color".   
  • one twin who’s been missing his two front teeth for six months with no replacements in sight and thrills himself by being able to put french fries in his mouth without needing to unclench his jaws.
  • the other twin who, unlike her mommy, is into girlie things like cute skirts and painted nails and fruit-flavored lip gloss.
  • the seven-days-from-five-year old whose Pre-K teacher told me last week at the year-end conference that when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, my Monkeyboy said he wanted to be a "father just like my daddy so I can take care of my kids." Pass me the Kleenex.
  • reading about lots of MS patients who have been on Tysabri for a year or more and have seen huge improvements in their health since starting the treatment. People who have spent most of their day in wheelchairs now find themselves walking without assistance, and no one has mentioned anything about their brains melting and oozing out of their ears.
  • The Tysabri, which costs upwards of $3,000-$4,000+ per infusion (given 13 times per year; you do the math), is covered 100% by my insurance.
  • this weekend’s Peach Meet at my house and the company of others in the Georgia surrogacy community.
  • Frank’s tequila lime ribs, which we’ll have on Saturday.
  • My good friend and former intended mom Sarah’s health; yesterday was the one year anniversary of her kidney/pancreas transplant. Diabetes, no more! 
  • the good follicle check Mia had yesterday on day 3 of stims. She has larger measurable follicles and more of them than she did at this point in the last cycle. Her hormone levels are also pleasantly higher. Dr. Sleepy is seeing her again today for another scan and hormone check and has said that she will likely stim faster than she did last time, and he might even need to decrease her Follistim a bit. He is sure that this improvement from the last cycle is due to the addition of the growth hormone Saizen. Mia is soaring, and I find myself starting to feel a little excited. I realize now just how guarded I am.
  • It’s chicken day. I like chicken.

Update: Text message from Mia:
     Looks good, 13 follicles measured and they are all the same size. Everybody in the clinic was very happy about that. Now we wait for the blood results, probably I will have to take less meds tonight. Jips!

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  1. I’m so happy you have so much to be thankful for and especially happy that you seem to be feeling good about a direction for Frank’s treatment.
    Thanks for the reassurances and suggestions about the weight thing. You made me feel much better.

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