There's a zebra in my uterus

I had my lining check this afternoon with the remote monitoring physician and it wasn’t as easy of an easy in and out appointment as it should have been (pun half-intended).

The nurse coordinator spent a few minutes waving around with the Trojaned weenie wand, then called for backup and Dr. Dead Fish himself appeared for his personal tour of my nether regions. Long story short, my lining measured 9-10, but he said it was "multi-layered." As in, not triple-striped as it should be, but Oooh say can you see US flag striped. Alright, it’s probably not that bad, but with Dead Fish’s doom and gloom deadpan personality, it might as well have been. Both he and the nurse had a hard time figuring out where one side of my endometrium started and the other ended. Finally they were able to get the measurement, but not without first flipping a coin: "Heads, we say it’s 9-10mm; tails, we say it’s 9mm/multi-layered. Let’s just take lots of pictures and let them decide."

Feeling a spazzniption rising, as soon as I left Dr. Dumbucket’s office I called my clinic and asked to speak to either one of my two nurse coordinators and Chryl (it’s really spelled like that) came right to the phone. I told her about Dildocam Fun with Dr. Dipshit and in as professional a manner as possible, she basically insinuated that Dr. Dungdrop is a bloomin’ idiot who has been known to unessecarily freak patients out about minor issues that they normally wouldn’t give a rat’s right butt cheek about at the main office. She said that he has been known to screw up lining measurements and that even if my uterus is as striped as Dr. Dickface says it is, it’s not something she’s concerned about. She reassured me that everything is fine and that I needn’t worry. I feel better for now, but I still think I’ll be slightly keyed up about my lining until my next date with the pokerprobe, which won’t be until the transfer.

Speaking of the transfer, Chryl lightened my mood even more by expressing how "proud" they are of Mia’s ovaries. She said that Mia is responding "like a 21 year-old" and that she might have her retrieval as early as Monday or Tuesday, so I should be prepared to transfer earlier than originally expected. Mia has been instructed to drop the 300 units Follistim she was on down to 200 tonight and 175 tomorrow, then she’ll have her next scan and level check on Saturday.

We’re not just headed in the right direction, but barrelling towards it. I just hope my zebra stays tame between now and then. 

6 thoughts on “There's a zebra in my uterus”

  1. Wow, things seem to be moving fast which is great! Sorry you had to deal with that guy with no bedside manner. I’m sending some good thoughts for the zebra lining and Mia’s eggs to keep behaving like they just reached the age of 21 🙂

  2. I hate that. I’m glad you called and complained for all the other victims.
    Fingers crossed!

  3. If Dr. Dickface sucks so much, then why is he working there, especially if he sucks at measuring linings?!?!
    Awesome news about Mia, and that your lining is fine by the main office’s standards.
    I’m still keeping everything crossed for you both!!

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