Nerds R' Us

This morning Frank and I went to Kyra and Jaiden’s First Grade award ceremony and grinned like drunken idiots the whole way through. To earn the Honor Roll award, students had to place on the Honor Roll each of the four 9-week quarters. For the Reading and Math awards, they had to have earned a 90 or above average for the year in those subjects. The Shining Light award was given to the top three students in each First Grade class, and the Art, Music, and PE awards were selected by those teachers and given to their top two from each class. The Twinz walked away with:

Jaiden – Citizenship, Honor Roll, Reading, Math, Art, PE, Shining Light
Kyra – Citizenship, Honor Roll, Reading, Math, Music, Shining Light

I’ll update with a picture later. Some dork* forgot to bring the proper cord to work with her.


*dork: noun. a stupid, silly person. an idiot.
Did you know that dork is also a vulgar slang term for penis, probably formed as a derivitave of dick? "Don’t be such a dick" sounds just as good as "Don’t be such a dork." Dork is also the technical, anatomically correct term for a whale’s penis. However, "Don’t be such a whale’s penis" lacks a certain esprit and flair, wouldn’t you say? Thank you for tuning in to the Nerds R’ Us moment of the day.

9 thoughts on “Nerds R' Us”

  1. Good job Jaiden and Kyra. I love how proud you are of them.
    I think calling someone a whale’s penis has a bit of a nice flair to it. Or maybe calling someone a whale’s dick would be better.

  2. I think calling Frank a whale’s dick would get the opposite reaction I’d want from him – his head would swell. Errr…I should stop while I’m ahead. Geez. Maybe I should just get my mind out of the gutter. 🙂

  3. I came here via Lost & Found. Mostly because I noticed your hubs has MS (as I do) and I’m always curious about parenting w/MS.

  4. You have every right to be proud of your nerds, lol, and that was just about hte dorkiest thing I have said in a long time, lol

  5. You’ve been coaching them with those Nerdy Baby flashcards haven’t you? WTG J and K!

  6. She’s Pocahontas and he’s…your son. Congratulations to them for their work and to you to parent them so briliantly. A little late, it seems.

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