It's easier to ignore the butterflies and rainbows

On Saturday a butterfly seemed to materialize out of thin air, danced directly in front of my face for a few moments, then flitted off to go do whatever it is butterflies do when the sun is shining and the weather is warm.

This morning Frank said to me, "Come here. You have to come see this." I untwisted the lock of hair from my flat iron and followed him outside, and when I looked in the direction of his pointed finger, my breath was taken by the sight of the bold and beautiful double rainbow which hovered just above the rooflines of the neighboring houses.

As with most other things I discuss, there are stories behind the significance of the butterfly and rainbow. Hope isn't made up of butterflies and rainbows, but both of these occurences are making it harder to continue ignoring the hope that I have for this cycle.

Retrieval was at 9:30. No word yet.


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