Fert report numero dos

I just got a call from Mia, who had just received a joint call from both Dr. Sleepy and the embryologist.

All 13 embryos are growing strong. Each has 4 cells and none have the dark coloring, asymmetry, or small size that the last batch did. Dr. Sleepy said that he did not expect that Mia would do so well and the embryologist was flabbergasted at the sharp improvement between this cycle and the last. Needless to say, we're likely going to have a 5-day blast transfer on Monday. They'll still call me in the morning to let me know for sure.

7 thoughts on “Fert report numero dos”

  1. such great news! makes you wonder if you can really just get a bad batch of eggs. amazing. best of luck tomorrow and happy bedrest feelings to you!

  2. Holy freakin crap that is fabulous news! I am so happy…come Monday come! Oh yeah, and it’s a holiday. We had ours on St Patty’s day so I’m sending the luck of the Irish and the luck of the holiday transfers your way!

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