-Insert witty title about doing a 5-day transfer on Monday here-

It's too early for my brain to work properly and I couldn't think of a good title.

Mia, not the embryologist, called at 6:15 am to deliver the good news. We're doing a 5-day transfer on Monday morning at 8:30. Ten embryos are in excellent condition, each with 8 cells and thriving.

I'd need to brag on our clinic for a bit. They're medium-sized and work without the disjointed, machine-like feel that I've experienced at a much larger clinic. I've never had to wait longer than an hour for a return phone call, and usually, one of our nurses comes immediately to the phone or calls back within ten minutes. They are well-organized and efficient, but what really stands out is their kindness and concern.

The entire staff has really gone out of their way to take good care of Mia over and above what would be expected. Urs has been back in Europe since the 12th, so at the clinic they've become almost over-protective of Mia, knowing that she's here alone traversing this slippery slope of cycling. About two weeks ago Mia took a bad spill from her bicycle as she was on her way to the clinic for one of her appointments. A Good Baby Maritan who saw the accident from his car pulled over and offered to take Mia, who was bleeding profusely from several large scrapes, to the hospital. Once she got there, she called the clinic to let them know what had happened. Within 15 minutes, not only was one of our nurses there, but also Dr. Sleepy himself. They personally wanted to offer their support and reassure her that the x-rays the ER staff wanted to do would not harm her follicle development. The nurse stayed with her as she was bandaged, then brought her to the clinic for her appointment, then drove her back to her rental apartment.

This morning when Dr. Sleepy called Mia he asked her if she would be able to make it to the transfer, knowing that her flight back to Europe is also on Monday. Mia explained that even though we were given the first transfer slot at 9:30, she would not be able to attend because she had to be at the airport by 10:30. This was something that Mia and I had expected; we had previously discussed how being able to do a 5-day transfer was a good trade-off for her not being able to attend. But, this was not good enough for Dr. Sleepy. He's arranged for everyone to come in a bit early to accommodate doing our transfer at 8:30 so that Mia can be present. I was overjoyed when Mia told this to me this morning. If we were lucky enough to do a 5-day transfer, Frank, Mia and I had already planned that we would drive up on Sunday to spend some time with Mia before she had to fly back. Now knowing that she'll be able to come to the transfer, well, that's just icing on the cake!

Mia wanted me to be the one to call Urs and tell him of this morning's good news. "He's over there on pins and needles waiting for news!" she chirped. Ever the comedian, Urs said, "Hallo [always hallo, never hello] Moxie! I saw it was you on my handy and was shocked because I was expecting to hear from Mia. I've stopped on my bike because if I had kept riding, I would have fallen off and had an accident like Mia from the shock of the news no matter if it's good news or bad news. It's good news, yes, if you're calling me?" After telling him, the laughter, relief, and joy in his voice matched that of Mia's. He said that he is always thinking of Mia and me and echoed my sentiments about the clinic. "It's been easier," he said, "knowing that Mia was in the caring hands of the clinic and the people there." It's hard enough for partners to support their wives or significant others as they go through cycling, so I can't imagine how difficult this has been for Urs who is so far away and tethered to what is going on here by only phone calls from Mia.

Like balloons blown with helium they are soaring with hope; after hearing the glee in their voices, I can't help but feel a little lighter, too.

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  1. I knew you would get a 5-day!!!! I am over the moon for you guys and the beautiful 10 little babes!!! Your clinic is amazing for moving the transfer so that Mia can actually be there. I have VERY high hopes for this cycle!!!!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. LOVE YOU!

  2. what an incredible clinic you have, just amazing. you are both in very good hands.
    outstanding news about 10 embryos with 8 cells each! unbelievable. it’s all sounding very positive… happy feelings to you all.

  3. thank you so much for visiting my blog lately and giving me support. i’ve really appreciated it.
    and i’ve been catching up on you and WOW – you one fabulous, big-hearted, strong woman. wishing you and mia all of the best!

  4. Responding from NaComLeavMo. Wow, you have some amazing strength — can’t imagine going through IVF and pregnancy as a gift to someone else. Good luck with the transfer!

  5. Good luck on your transfer tomorrow. I think what you’re doing is incredible and every time I read your blog I feel tearful with happiness that you are out there.

  6. Moxie – Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog!
    Good luck on Monday!!! I’m praying for sticky vibes for you.
    My paternal grandfather had MS. It’s a brutal disease. Lupus runs on my mom’s side so (lucky me) I got the autoimmune double-whammy.
    I’ll be thinking of and praying for both you and you husband. Best of luck!! Hope we can keep in touch.

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