100 bits of useless trivia about me

I've seen this or something similar to it around blogland the past few days, and with many new people coming to visit through NaComLeavMo, I figured it was a good time to list some completely useless facts about myself. Let's see how far I can get before I start running out of things to say.

  1. I was conceived in Korea and was born in San Francisco. My mom and bio dad were both Army MPs.
  2. What I remember of San Francisco is from pictures. We left before I turned two.
  3. My biological father is named Kevin. Just by freaky odd coincidence, we lost contact between the ages of 9 and 23. We didn't know where the other was. More on that somewhere below.
  4. He and my mom split up when I was two.
  5. My mom remarried when I was going on three.
  6. His name is Ron. At first I called him "Daddy Ron," then around age 4 he just became Daddy.
  7. Due to major paternal weirdness starting around age 12 and climaxing around age 18, I no longer feel right calling him "Dad." Now he's "Pops," which is what the kids call him.
  8. He was pretty normal and was Dad in every way when I was a kid. My real dad, I called "Kevin."
  9. Ron was also in the Army, but mom got out after she had me.
  10. A superior had told her, "You're a soldier first, then a mom."
  11. She told him to kiss her ass.
  12. So, I'm a military brat. Frank is, too.
  13. Before age 12, I had lived in these places and in this order: San Francisco; Chicago (mom's hometown); Fort Ord/Monterrey, CA; Chicago; Ft. Carson/Colorado Springs, CO; Ft. Lyon, CO; Albuquerque, NM; Frankfurt, Germany; Orlando, FL; then where I am now in Georgia.
  14. I was in the 8th grade when we moved here. Mom always promised that wherever we were when I started high school is where we would stay until I finished. We're still here.
  15. I graduated high school in 1995.
  16. When we moved to Germany is when we lost touch with my bio dad.
  17. He had changed locations in California during our move and my mom had no way to contact him.
  18. It wasn't a big deal to me, because I talked to him maybe only once a year and had not seen him since I was six.
  19. I met Frank at band camp the summer leading into my freshman year.
  20. I was on the color guard (flags). He played the trumpet.
  21. I used to be his best friend's girlfriend.
  22. Frank and I dated on and off during my sophomore year/his senior year.
  23. We've been together with no interruption since his high school graduation in June 1993.
  24. He proposed at my high school graduation party in 1995. We got married when I was 18.
  25. We had an African theme wedding on June 22, 1996.
  26. It was in the backyard. It was hot as Africa.
  27. My uncle (Ron's brother) officiated the ceremony. It was his first marriage.
  28. Frank and I got a bad case of the giggles during vow exchange when he had to repeat that he would be my husband, my friend, and also my lover.
  29. We had a barbeque for the reception.
  30. We want to get our vows renewed for our 20th and have a big wedding.
  31. Around age 18 I started looking for Kevin. Nothing major, just seeing if I could find his name online somewhere. I entertained the thought of hiring a professional.
  32. At Thanksgiving when the twins were 5 months old, I felt a huge desire to find Kevin. He was a grandfather, after all, and I thought he'd want to know.
  33. I called 411. His number was listed. My maiden name is so unique that there was no doubt that it was him.
  34. Me: Uuuhhh, this is Moxie. I'm looking for Kevin. This is his daughter.
    K: What? Who is this???
    Me: It's Moxie. My first name is S. I'm looking for my dad.
    K: ……Oh. My. GOD! Ziggy? Is it really YOU?
  35. He used to call me Ziggy when I was little. When we were getting ready to go somewhere he'd say, "Let's Ziggy on out of here!"
  36. That night and for the next few days, tons of family that I barely remembered I had called me.
  37. I learned that night that I had two brothers.
  38. They flew out to visit for a week at Christmas. Since then, they come visit every other year in January.
  39. I call Kevin "Daddy" now. Kyra looks just like him and Jordan looks like my brother.
  40. I skipped Kindergarten. I've always been one of the youngest, if not the youngest in my class.
  41. I was the youngest in my high school class.
  42. I fell into the "nerdy but cool" camp, but I was a classic underachiever.
  43. I also played the flute in school.
  44. I had the lead in the Spring musical, Once upon a Mattress.
  45. Get your minds out of the gutter, you freaks. It's a spin on The Princes and the Pea.
  46. I was offered a drama scholarship, but declined it to attend a different college.
  47. I finished college and started teaching at age 20.
  48. I earned my Masters in 11 months and my Education Specialist degree (one step under Doctorate) in 10 months.
  49. I teach 8th grade Literature, but taught Pre-Algebra my first three years.
  50. I hate math.
  51. If given a choice between chocolate and vanilla, with most things I'd choose chocolate but for pudding I prefer vanilla.
  52. Never tapioca. It looks like poo.
  53. I don't cook very often. Frank is the chef of the family. He asked for new cookie sheets and new springform pans for Christmas last year.
  54. I can cook. Very well, as a matter of fact.
  55. But, I have a hard time with "just add water" foods. Oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat, pancakes. Consistency is a problem for me. Jaiden refuses to let me make his oatmeal. My mom says my coffee tastes like battery acid.
  56. I love music. I have too many favorites to mention but my tastes are quite ecclectic.
  57. Well, I'll mention a couple of favorites. Favorite album is Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder and my favorite band is Steely Dan. Maroon 5 runs second.
  58. I like stupid music like parodies. Weird Al. Love him.
  59. Speaking of stupid music, Flight of the Conchords is one of my favorite TV shows. Oh, how I love Jermaine and Brett.
  60. Crap. I just dropped my taco on my laptop.
  61. I'm clumsy sometimes.
  62. Once I stepped on my own foot and broke my toe.
  63. I never eat just one popsicle at a time.
  64. I can't eat anything that's unnaturally blue. Including blue popsicles.
  65. I love to read, but haven't read for pleasure the way I used to in a long time. Readers, give me some book and author suggestions, please.
  66. One of my favorite books is Bailey's Cafe by Gloria Naylor. Another is Time and the Riddle: 31 Zen Stories by Howard Fast. Another is for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf by Ntozake Shange, which is a collection of poems that Shange calls a "choreopoem". She and six other women performed the poems as a play on Broadway.
  67. I performed one of the monologues from for colored girls in my senior year of high school for the state Literary Meet in the Literary Interpretation category. One of the judges was the drama professor at a local university. He was the one who offered the scholarship to me.
  68. I'm short. I'm 5'2" on a good day.
  69. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and I have flat, wide feet. I walk like a duck and look like a penguin, thanks to my diminutive stature.
  70. I'd rather clean bathrooms than do laundry. I think I'd rather clean bathrooms than any other chore.
  71. When I was a kid, I read the encyclopedia and the dictionary for fun.
  72. I have a gazillion movies memorized from start to finish. Forrest Gump. The Goonies. The Breakfast Club. The Color Purple. Aliens. Weird Science. Sixteen Candles. Twister. The Wizard of Oz. Steel Magnolias. Beaches. Way too many to name. What are some of your favorite movies?
  73. I love Jeopardy. In middle and high school, people knew not to call my house between 7:30 and 8:00. If I was outside, I'd leave where ever I was to come home and play Jeopardy with my mom and sisters. We'd even take score. We still do, whenever we're all together.
  74. I usually win.
  75. When I was a kid, I'd only eat the bottom part of broccoli and my sister would only eat the tops. We'd cut our broccoli and trade. After a while, my mom started only giving me the bottoms and Chanel the tops. Now I love broccoli – all of it. Preferably steamed with a little butter and salt.
  76. I could eat watermelon every day, three times a day and not get sick of it.
  77. I love to take long, hot showers.
  78. Frank and I shower together everyday. It's our daily moment of being able to have a conversation without being interrupted.
  79. I hate driving. I guess a better way to say it would be I hate getting lost. Therefore, I hate driving in unfamiliar places, and too much traffic makes me nervous.
  80. I hate flying. HATE IT. I had to take Xanax for my flight to and from Michigan to go to my best friend's college graduation. Seriously.
  81. Best friend – Becky. She's more like my sister. We met online almost 8 years ago. I'm her son Christian's Godmother and she is Jordan and Kaelyn's Godmother.
  82. 1dp5dt – trying not to obsess and losing the battle.
  83. I have a sophomoric sense of humor.  
  84. Writing this list is getting hard, not trying not to obsess.
  85. Am I the only one who is insanely happy that So You Think You Can Dance? has started again?
  86. Am I the only one who didn't give a squat about American Idol past the audition rounds?
  87. I'm one of six moderators on Surrogate Mothers Online (SMO).
  88. Some of my co-workers call me "the baby factory" at work and I hate it. They have no idea that my gears don't work right.
  89. I like popcorn, but hate it when it's pre-popped and bagged. It smells funny.
  90. I smell everything before I eat it.
  91. I want to get a boob reduction. A tummy tuck would be nice, too.
  92. My favorite holiday is Christmas/Kwanzaa.
  93. I have to force myself to drink plain water, unless it's Fiji bottled water. Otherwise, I prefer flavored water.
  94. I used to be terribly afraid of needles. When I was 13, two orderlies had to hold me down just so a nurse could take a blood sample.
  95. My first ultrasound with the twins showed absolutely nothing. A nurse said, "Maybe you shouldn't tell anyone about your pregnancy yet. It could be a blighted ovum."  Bitch. My doc sent me for a beta and I was so consumed with fear and panic that I was completely numb, both mentally and physically.
  96. Needles never bothered me much after that.
  97. I had a 2"-thick collection of chewed gum stuck to the side of my stereo. I had it from ages 9-16. Friends would come over and stick their gum to the multi-colored blob. My mom would spray it down with Lysol every once in a while. I cried when we threw it away after I got a new stereo for Christmas
  98. Is that some cramping I feel? Implantation can start as early as 6 or 7 dpo (or 1dp5dt/2dp5dt)….cut it out, Moxie. It's probably gas from those tacos.
  99. Moxie is not my first name. I was named after a Cherokee princess in an old John Wayne movie. No one calls me by my first name. I spare people the embarrassment of trying to pronounce it.
  100. Thank goodness, I'm finally finished. Hell's Kitchen is about to come on. Watching Gordon Ramsey bitch people out is hilarious. I probably watch too much TV.


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  1. Hi there- thanks for your comment. I don’t chart on line- I track with the traditional pen and paper. Your story is an amazing one and I’ve enjoyed reading your blog!

  2. I’m so jealous of your wedding! I’m not real into the marriage thing, but if I ever did it, I’d want a backyard bbq too! I also love “So You Think You Can Dance” and could’ve cared less about “American Idol”. The finding your bio-dad story was facinating!

  3. Great list. You’re one of the few people that lived more places than I did before I turned 12 (I only managed 5). I’m also not a fan of American Idol after the auditions, and a fan of watching chef Ramsey yell at incompetent cooks.
    Good luck not obsessing over the next few days.

  4. I’m here from NaComLeavMo and another Georgian–we’re outside of Atlanta. Good luck with not obsessing and I hope that this transfer is successful for all of you. I really enjoyed reading your list!

  5. I’ve always wondered if other people showered with their spouse every day like Jeff and I do. We do all our best talking together there. I’m kinda sad that at some point during my pregnancy my belly is going to get too big for us to maneuver around each other in there.
    P.S.- My prayers and positive thoughts are with you and the blasties.

  6. all right, first of all you are hilarious. and wicked smart.
    impressive list of places lived. “flight of the cs” makes me laugh too. love the musical selection. I’m with you on 71 and 91. and I will bet that’s implantation cramping…

  7. Moxie, just wanted to say here, Thank you for posting about me and for the Pink Rose Award. And for your support, and that of everyone who has found my blog and lurked or commented b/c of your post. It all means a lot and helps a lot. And it was probably you who let Mel know to put me in LFCA, which sent me a lot of support too, so thanks for that. (gosh this is sounding like an oscars acceptance speech!)
    I loved your list and sometime later will comment more on some items, but tonight I want to try to get back with a few more people who have left me comments.

  8. #53 and #97 were my faves. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I just started reading your blog…you’re an amazing woman!
    I’ll be praying for all involved during this waiting period. Praying for a positive outcome!

  9. Great list! Great idea! I might have to do something similar for others to get to know me! Good Luck – hope you get a bfp soon!

  10. Oh where do I start.
    Similar on a lot of these: 46, 50, 62 (how strange!), 78, 85 =)
    Love your list!

  11. Wow!! I don’t think I could come up with 100 interesting things about myself. Although, I do think we would have been friends if we had gone to high school. Class of ’95, loved Drama (I wasn’t any good at acting, though), love watermelon. I will do anything to get out of cleaning the bathroom, though. Maybe we should have been roomates?!?!

  12. The vanilla pudding and chocolate thing? We’re the same in that! People think I’m so weird. I’m glad there’s someone else out there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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