Kyra gave me the cooties

I was jarred awake by horrible nausea at some ungodly hour last night. I stumbled into the bathroom and upon looking at the toilet, I couldn't figure out if what churned within was headed up or down. This is probably too much information, but I'm miserable with the bubbleguts and propriety is the least of my concerns right now. I made two more trips to the bathroom last night, and nothing inside moved anywhere. It feels like it's sloshing around in circles instead of preparing to make a hasty departure. I think I might feel better if I puked, but my guts seem content to just tease me with unrelenting nausea.

Today is the last official workday of the school year. The students' last day was Friday. Monday was a holiday and technically I should have been at work yesterday. Due to bed rest, I got to spend the day reading blogs and commenting to all you fine people. I'd much rather be home curled up into a ball moaning "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." But no – here I sit at my desk, not wanting to move too much because that seems to agitate the pukaliciousness. Every few minutes I lean over the trashcan to breathe deeply and prepare for eruption, but I'm sorely let down. *sigh*

Blech. Hopefully this is just a 24-hour thing like Kyra's was.

17 thoughts on “Kyra gave me the cooties”

  1. Oh yuck. I spent yesterday with stomach cramps and on the toilet often. It passed and I never know if it is the Metformin or a bug or something I ate.
    I hope it passes soon AND you get to spend lazy days on the couch not sick.

  2. I think I had this a week and a half ago (not long after my FET). It was a 24-hour thing, more or less. My husband got over it in 12; my mother in 24; and it took me 24 to stop the main symptoms plus another 24 to feel totally fine.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. So glad I found your blog today. So you’re a gestational surrogate, too cool! First time I guess I have ever “met” someone who is. Anyway will be following you’re blog and hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Hi! I have read your blog a few times due to the lost and found, I just never commented! I really hope this cycle is the one and you will be in the delivery room on your b-day! What a great gift to give to someone on such a special day! I hope you feel better soon! Is it by chance early m/s? I am sure you have thought of that already though! ha ha
    Here from NaComLeavMo

  5. Hey Alicia (and to the others who wondered by didn’t say it) – I’m pretty sure it’s not m/s. I never get it this early. Seeing has how 2/4 kids have had a stomach bug in the past week, I probably just picked it up from them. I would much rather it be m/s, though!
    Thanks for delurking, Alicia!

  6. Another NCLM-er. ;0)
    Thanks for your visit by my blog and also for coming up with the Pink Rose Award. It was very fun being awarded and finding others to award it to!
    Hope you get to feeling better very soon. I am fairly patient with other ailments – but anything that has my tummy in a turmoil and running to the loo is something I don’t deal with well.

  7. Ugh. I’m so sorry. I hope that you feel better soon (but not TOO much better–a little touch of morning sickness would be something to celebrate);-)

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. It’s so nice to meet a fellow English teacher, especially of the same grade! I am hoping this nausea means good things for you – a postiive test!

  9. Oh, that sounds really miserable! I hope it is short lasted also and soon that you are feeling better. Congrats on the last day of the year. How are you doing otherwise?

  10. Sara, I’m doing pretty good other than having the bubbleguts. I’m trying not to obsess but failing miserably. I have a few things to keep me busy today and through the weekend, so hopefully that will take some of the edge off.
    k77, I’d love for this to be a trial run of m/s – it’s the only time I’m actually happy about gastric distress.

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