By popular request…

…get your business socks and your Team Buildin' Exercise '99 shirts on because it's Business Time…..Aaaaawwwww, yeah:

Raise your hand if you've had successful pregnancies from Business Time only (no drugs or trips to the doctor)!

Crickets chirping.


Well, we can dream, can't we?

If you don't want to answer that question, answer this one: Bret (no glasses) or Jemaine (glasses)?

Something about Bret's animal themed-shirts and swanky hip-swaggering gets me all…business-y. Oooh la la. Better yet, foux de fa-fa:

7 thoughts on “By popular request…”

  1. oh man. that french one makes me laugh every time. business time too. hilarious. I think bret’s cuter, but I like jermaine’s personality (and voice) better. OMG did just say that? feels like high school (or jr high?).

  2. I’m with Luna…
    If we could get rid of those awful sideburns, Jermaine would be waaaay cuter. ๐Ÿ™‚ Bret’s just a little too full of himself for me!

  3. I never get sick of Business Time – too funny! Definitely Jemaine for me – I think coz he’s taller?!

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