A watched phone never rings

…at least not until close of business. I finally got the phone call from my nurse: 56 – it's a goodish number that mellows me out and will let me catch my breath until Wednesday's official first beta. With proper doubling, a beta of around 112 sounds spot-on for a singleton.

Thank you, God.

8 thoughts on “A watched phone never rings”

  1. Though I don’t remember exactly what they were (bad surrogate!), my numbers were on the low side, pointing to a singleton and we actually got twins. You don’t know until the u/s…
    Congrats on a positive beta though!

  2. I remember all to well waiting for those phone calls with my IVF and FET cycles. Glad you got the news you were waiting for and congrats on 56! Can’t wait for Wednesday’s number! Hang in there. I am sending lots more positive thoughts, prayers and sticky vibes your way.
    You are such an inspiring person. Thank you for your supportive comments on my blog and for creating those awesome Pink Rose Awards! I was honored to receive one recently from Katie at “Taking the Statistical Bullet” and will be passing one or more on soon.

  3. here from nacomleavmo
    (but really I’ve been lurking all along.I know. I’m lame!)
    But THIS is fantabulous news to read about. I loved your telling e-mail/call. SO so effing adorable that they didn’t quite get that they were YOUR tests.
    love it!

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