Odds and ends

There's no rhyme or reason to this particular post; I just needed to string together the loose marbles that have been rolling around in my head to bring some conclusion to a few of the rapid-fire posts I've made in the past couple of days.

First up – the problem of the Crashing Browser of Doom has been solved. The ever-wise Mel suggested that I download the Firefox browser to see if that worked out for me. Brilliant idea, just plain brilliant. I no longer want to flush my laptop down the toilet. As if that was even possible.

El Cinco de Mio just now came bounding in the house after two days of fun with my mom. They've been to the beach today. Collectively, they just shook a castle's worth of sand all of my bedroom floor. They're all dusty and have toasted themselves three shades darker. And now here's my mom – she looks like she's been shipwrecked. The noise level just amplified by about a thousand decibels. I love it; I've missed them.

Answers to my Four Truths and a Lie:

  1. Forget the Barbie dolls and dress-up clothes; one year I asked for a Bunsen burner for Christmas. TRUE – when I was 8, my mom bought me this nifty science nerdy kit called a Tri-Lab-Pak. I'll never forget it. It centered on kid-friendly, adult-monitored experiments in the branches of geology, biology, and chemistry. It came with an assortment of rocks, slides of various cell samples and blank slides and a microscope, a magnifying glass, and small containers of several chemicals, beakers, and test tubes. There was a handbook with several experiments and science factoids. One experiment needed a Bunsen burner. I asked and was given an resounding NO! Addendum to this story: the big rule was NO EXPERIMENTS WITH THE CHEMICALS WITHOUT MOM'S SUPERVISION. Period. Guess who didn't listen? Guess who mixed some chemicals in the bathroom and freaked when the mess in the test tube turned blue and suddenly started foaming and hissing? Guess who threw everything in the toilet? Guess who got in Big Trouble when the toilet exploded?
  2. When I was 12, I got into a fight with a 15-year old boy twice my size and beat the shit out of him. TRUE – I was at a friend's house and her boyfriend and his two cousins were there. I was laying on the floor in her room reading while the others were in the living room. One of the cousins came in and tried to put the moves on me. He grabbed my butt so I slapped him and pushed him off of me, then left. I leaned in the doorway of the living room where everyone else was. Pervy cousin boy was behind me. He tapped my shoulder and when I turned around, he sucker punched me in the chin – hard. I don't quite know what happened after that. Apparently I went into some sort of psycho rage and when I snapped out of it enough to realize what I was doing, we were in the living room on the floor. He was squished on his back between the end of the couch and the wall. I was straddling him while punching him in the face. He was doing what he could to ward off my blows but it was to no avail. It took my friend, her boyfriend, and the other cousin a while to pull me off of him. LaTrenda shoved me into the bathroom, and that's when I realized that when he punched me, I had bitten down hard enough for me to have chipped my back upper molar. I had a chipped tooth. He had two busted lips, a black eye, a deep cut under the other eye, and a sore chest. The little fucker was too scared to even look my way from that point on.
  3. Despite my seemingly outgoing and lively personality, I feel
    extremely shy, self-conscious, and unsure of myself when I'm around
    strangers or people who I feel don't know me too well. – TRUE –
    I might put up a good front, but when meeting new people face-to-face on the inside I'm usually scared shitless of making a complete ass of myself. Do I talk too much or not enough? Laugh, but not too much. Smile, but not so much that you look like a grinning fool. Ask good questions in return. Don't share too much too soon. Is there a booger hanging out of my nose? There's always a run of self-checking dialogue running through my mind. 
  4. I wore bifocals in 5th grade. Sexy. – TRUE, sadly. I had terrible astigmatism. My eyesight still sucks, but one eye has either worsened or improved enough that bifocals are now unnecessary. Those bifocal pictures are the ones that will never again see the light of day. 
  5. I was voted "Most Talkative" for my high school senior superlatives. – FALSE – Quite the opposite, actually. Though I was outgoing in many activities and clubs, outside of those groups and my cluster of friends I was the quiet-but-sociable-smart girl. I was actually the second runner-up for Shyest Girl.
    Congrats to Shawna and Insane Mama for being the only two who guessed right! They knew that I was really a bifocaled science dweeb as a kid!

I really am extremely happy about my beta, despite the apparent neuroses of my previous post. The reality of things are beginning to set in, and as that happens I find myself feeling…well, less neurotic. I'm not completely there yet, but I'm working on it. Thanks, ladies, for all of your words of support.

Calliope – she who rocketh of infinite proportions – is designing a new, kick-ass banner for my blog. There will be big changes here in the next couple of days and I can't wait.

Jordan just came in to kiss me good night. He does have a booger hanging out of his nose.

And finally – just for shits and giggles – here's another of my favorite stupid song YouTube videos:

8 thoughts on “Odds and ends”

  1. Your bunsen burner tale gave me a good (and needed laugh!!!)

    I am a #3 personality myself, too — though nobody ever believes me when I try to explain that fact.

  2. Hehe…exploding toilets! That’s awesome! My sister got in a couple of fights with boys a few years older when we were kids. She always kicked their butts. I on the other hand was always hiding in the bushes or behind our house. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit Zen (as I always describe my feelings) and calm about the beta. Hopefully a cute booger filled goodnight hug will seal the deal 🙂

  3. Io, I hid those suckers so well that I don’t even remember where they are. I don’t even think I have any here. They’re in a deep, dark closet somewhere at my mom’s house. Let’s not mention the fact that because it was the late 80’s, I was also rockin’ a Jheri curl at the time. I shudder.

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