Rock, rock, Cali rocks, everybody knows that Cali rocks

That was my lame attempt at re-creating the song "Holly Rock" by Shelia E. circa 1986. What isn't lame, however, is this kick ass new banner designed by the one and only Calliope. I feel all empowered, like I need to go run out and stop crime or find someone who needs an ass whoopin' and put the smack down on 'em. Maybe I'll just go into the kitchen and put a hurtin' on the cake Frank and Jaiden made.

As Cali said – my banner is superbad. Yes, the banner is superbad, but so is Cali. Do you also want a superbad banner to freshen up your blog? Click on the image below to see other examples of Cali's work and to find out how you can get the hook up.

Headers by Calliope

Do it, or I'll fly over and whip you with a wet noodle. 

Thanks, Calliope!

8 thoughts on “Rock, rock, Cali rocks, everybody knows that Cali rocks”

  1. awesome is right! cali rocks the blogosphere! totally cool and superbad. LOVE it!
    thanks as always for your sweetness, kym.

  2. Wow, your header rocks. I hadn’t been here in a bit so I didnt know you were part of the new sisterhood:-) Yay for cool-looking sites!

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