Staying Zen ain't for wimps (like me)

I was good all day yesterday; no crazy obsessing, plenty of distractions, and time felt like it was whizzing by. I hardly gave a thought to today's beta, which means I didn't think about it enough to work up a good worry. Until. Until it was 2am and I startled awake eyes wide open with my heart pounding and my stomach clenched in a tight ball from repressed nerves. A single thought – Oh shit, my beta's in a few hours….what if…. Then I locked it down, pressed it away, told my subconscious mind to just go somewhere and shut the hell up, and managed to sleep soundly for the rest of the night.

9 thoughts on “Staying Zen ain't for wimps (like me)”

  1. You are pregnant, Mama! Try not to stress out… Mia is thinking positively enough for the both of you ~ that baby is going to stick!
    And I’m still not convinced you don’t have two. My betas were on the low side and even the RE office suspected just one. And look at them now!

  2. NCLM has me SO behind!!! So many blogs. So little time. Just now catching up on your latest posts. Wow. Wonderful. Holy Macaroni. So very happy for you…

  3. Thanks for your support. And I’m wishing you all the best on today’s beta. I’m sure it will be fabulous!

  4. Hey Moxie
    I’m so glad you introduced yourself on my blog! So great to meet you. And I’ll be thinking of you with your Betas… BOY CAN I RELATE!

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