"Saying goodbye in slow motion": this morning, that's what Mia and Urs said they needed. Tomorrow morning I will have another beta. No bated breath for me – only the hope that they will receive the closure they need.

Even as this door slowly sighs to a close, they've already started feeling their way to the next.

Four frozen blastocysts – one, maybe two last chances for Mia and Urs before moving on to donor egg.

If it works, I mean really works from start to finish on their last go before starting on a different road, well, that would be poetic justice, wouldn't you say?

And what superhero, real or imagined, doesn't want to fight for a little poetic justice?

12 thoughts on “Poetry”

  1. I am still holding out hope for all three of you. I want to say that if it doesn’t, then I hope Mia and her husband are able to begin to heal. But I hate to even say that because I feel like I’m giving up hope for you then, and that’s the farthest from the truth! Sending in the big hugs for this one for you.

  2. ~hugs~.
    This must just be so hard for you. I’m trying to feel what all the added feelings you much feel. The loss is still “your” loss in a way, but to feel responsible (not that you could do anything about it) to two whole other people.
    Damn. Just that. Damn. I’m so sorry.

  3. I won’t focus on the negative and will only think positively about the next transfer. Do you know how soon or late that could be?

  4. Wow, is this all flavors of rough. I’m so sorry for everyone — if this isn’t a distress signal for the Hall of Justice, I don’t know what is.

  5. I’ve read your last 3 posts and am sitting here all teary. I just absolutely adore and respect what you’re doing for these two, and can’t imagine how hard this is to be in this position, for any of you. I somewhat know what it’s like for them, in the knowing the next step, but not wanting to have to go there, but I’m just so sorry any of you are going throgh this cuz it really really sucks.

  6. Even after our two losses, I can’t still can’t begin to imagine the heartache that all of you are going through. But, you are a fighter and that is exactly what is needed. Onward and upward!

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